Monday, 21 August 2017

Mary MacKillop

In Room 5 for R.E, we have been learning about Saint Mary MacKillop so we did a timeline on her. Here is my timeline of Mary MacKillop.

What makes a good teacher

What makes a good teacher?

All good teachers should have great skills, attitudes and qualities. Skills that a good teacher needs is to be, well organised and to be able to encourage their students. Attitudes that a good teacher needs is to have a kind attitude and to have a encouraging attitude. Qualities to make a good teacher is to be trustworthy and understanding.

A good teacher should be well organised. They should be ready before students enter the class. This will show their students to always be organised before coming to school. Another skill that good teachers should have is to be able to encourage their students at all times. Student’s should be able to have encouragement by their teachers as much as possible, especially when they need help.

A good teacher needs a kind attitude. Student’s shouldn’t be afraid to talk to their teachers. A good teacher will have an encouraging attitude as well. Meaning their student’s will always receive support and motivation towards learning. They also encourage their students to always do their best so they can have a bright future.

Good teachers have many different qualities. 2 qualities a good teacher needs is being trustworthy and understanding. Teachers should always be trustworthy. If a student needs to talk to a teacher about something happening at home it should stay between them two. Student’s should be able to trust their teachers. Teacher’s should always be understanding to be able to relate more to their students.

In conclusion I think that all teachers need skills, attitudes and qualities to become a good teacher. I think that Jesus had all these skills, attitudes and qualities because he was an amazing teacher to the apostles and disciples.


In Room 5 for writing, we have been learning about the different qualities, skills and attitudes of what makes a good teacher.