Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New Nike Shoes & Mcfly

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On the 21st of October the famous Mcfly travels for the fans of the old movie “Back to the Future”. During the movie, Mcfly has travelled back into the future to the place where his children are being born, in the Hill Valley of California.

Did you see those sneakers in “Back to the future”?  During this AMAZING celebration event, Nike has just released some new shoes which were in the movie “Back to the Future”. Although the ones McFly wear are just props! But the heels still lighted up in the movie. What is super cool that there is no battery that can sway down the leg because it is built in the shoe! The shoe can tighten and loosen.

Nike made these designs as a fictional one. Except the ones that Mcfly wear are not the ones that can tie laces by themselves. Although on the real shoes there is  a manual button to press  to allow to loosen or  to tighten. That was the only way to let the shoe do it's thing. Thanks to the amazing and creative designer Tinker Hatfield!!

People are inspired by McFly  wearing the first pair of the Nike Mag Sneakers. These shoes are very popular so they have to be SUPER expensive at the moment. Also selling these shoes are copyright so absolutely no-one can sell these shoes but only Nike. After the movie the shoes will be auction to sell the shoes. The shoes will be cheaper in a few years time.

Do you want to wait for years for these shoe costs to drop?  Do you think that it won’t be popular in about 2 years? Tell me your answers down below.

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