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Have you ever been to the wonderful country called Mexico? Do you know the population of Mexico? Do you know some famous places in Mexico that you would really love to visit? Well Mexico has a population of over 117 million. Wow that is a lot they are at rank 11 for the most people in one country.

The Capital of Mexico is Mexico City and there are about only 31 states in the big country of Mexico. In Mexico they have a president and there president is a man named “ Enrique Pena Nieto”. Mexico is the 14th LARGEST country in the world. That means that amazingly Mexico is quite a big country.

If the time in New Zealand was let's say about 6:25pm in Mexico their time would be 1:25am 21 hours behind New Zealand. To fly to Mexico from New Zealand it would take 1 whole day and that would take about 2 stops. This is quite a very long time up in the air in an airplane!

Mexico has a symbol meaning that their symbol is a Golden Eagle as you can see they have put it onto their flag. They put that Golden Eagle on because they say that the eagle has different components on the coat of it’s arms.

The main language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish. In Mexico there favourite sports is Football and they have hosted the summer olympics. Mexico has the most delicious foods including the big Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas. The highest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba.

In Mexico they make delicious foods and have the most beautiful views of beaches, islands and more! If you could visit this beautiful island what was the part you like most and what was the part that you think you would like to visit over and over again?


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Child Labour

Child Labour

What is Child Labour?
Child Labour is something that keeps little children from ages 5-14 from going to school. Many countries having been making children leave school so that the children can work for them. 215 children have been illegally working for their countries. Children have been working different jobs to earn money, when they are actually not getting paid.

What countries are practicing these?
Countries all over the world are practicing these with children. Making them slaves and work during school time.

In what ways children are used in working?
People have seen little children fishing, mining and more. Many children have also been working as soldiers and have been trading drugs.

How are children protected against smugglers?
UNICEF are now taking care of all the children. In UNICEF it is their job to protect the children from being abused, slaves and more.

What are the impact of child labour to the family, community and to the child?
The effect happening is that it is not developing the family together or the community. This is why UNICEF is now trying to be a good community leader and stop the effect from happening to the children.

Are agencies making progress against Child Labour? How?
Agencies are making good progress against all the Child Labour this is because it has started ever since the year 2000-2012.



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Eggs Questions and Answers


What do eggs contain?
Eggs contain Protein, Sodium, Nutrients, Cholesterol, Vitamins, Saturated fat, Riboflavin and Fatty acids.

What are the parts of egg?
Shell, Outer Membrane, Air Cell, Albumen, Chalaza, Vitelline Membrane, Inner Membrane and Germinal Disc.

What are the nutritional values we get from eggs?
Energy-628  Recommended Daily Intake: 6%
Protein-11.8  Recommended Daily Intake: 18%
Fat-11.4  Recommended Daily Intake: 17%
Saturated Fat-3.4  Recommended Daily Intake: 0%

Why is the cholesterol bad for our health?
Cholesterol is very bad for our health because it can give you a very low influence, as your blood levels have a lot of cholesterol. Eggs can also give you a bad heart disease.

What is Salmonella poisoning?
Salmonella is a poison that includes diarrhea and illness that can last for 4-7 days.  Salmonella is also a disease or bacteria.

What are the concerns and health risks that we get from eggs?
The concerns about eggs are that us humans could get heart disease just by eating one egg. You may have thought that eggs have lots of protein but you may have never heard about the risks you are really taking.


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Simplifying Fractions

Beautiful Quotes and Passages

Beautiful Quotes and Passages

Psalm 140:12
I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted And justice for the poor.

Psalm 33:5
He loves righteousness and justice; The earth is full of the lovingkindness of the LORD.

Isaiah 30:18
Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, And therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you For the LORD is a God of justice; How blessed are all those who long for Him.

Screenshot 2015-09-25 at 9.43.43 AM.pngDeuteronomy 32:4
The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of Faithfulness and without injustice, Righteousness and upright is He.

Leviticus 19:15
‘You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbour fairly.

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Rugby World Cup Flag Study

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Q1.How many flags are there altogether?
A1.There are only twenty countries that are joining the Rugby World cup.

Q2.How many flags have blue on them?
A2. There are 12 flags that has blue on them.

Q3. How many flags have red on them?
A3. There are 16 flags that have red on them that are joining the rugby world cup.

Q4. How many flags have orange on them?
A4. There is only 1 country with the flag that has orange on it.

Q5. How many flags have white on them?
A5. There are 19 flags with the colour white on them.

Q6. How many flags have black on them?
A6. There is only one country with black on their flag.

Q7. How many flags have yellow on them?
A7. There are 6 flags that have yellow on them.

Q8. How many flags have a union jack on them?
A8. There are 3 flags with the symbol of the union jack.

Q9. How many flags have a symbol on them?
A9. 16 flags have a symbol on them

Q10. How many flags have stripes on them?
A10. There are 9 flags with stripes on them.

Q11. How many flags have more than 3 colours?
A11. Only 3 flags have more than 3 colours

Q12. How many flags have less than 3 colours on them?
A12. There are only 6 flags with less than only 3 colours.

Q13. How many flags have a circle on them?
A13. Only one flag has a circle on it and that is Japan.

Q14. How many flag have only 1 colour on them?
A14. There are no flags with only one colour that are joining the Rugby World Cup.

Q15. How many flags have stars on them?
A15. 4 countries have a flag with stars on them.

Q16. How many stars are on the New Zealand flag?
A16. New Zealand has four RED stars.

Q17. How many stars are on the Australian flag?
A17. There are six stars on the Australian flag.

Q18. How many stars are on the USA flag?
A18. There are 50 stars on the USA flag.

Q19. How many flags have a cross on them?
A19. Only about 3 flags have a cross on them.

Q20. Which is your favourite flag and why?
A20. I LOVE the Scotland flag because It has my 2 favourite colours White and Blue!

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Can Drive Mufti Day Tagul

Can Drive Mufti Day!

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Have you heard about the Can Drive Mufti day? Did you know it’s happening tomorrow? Do you know what this day is for? Well first of all this day is celebrated by many schools. This day was made for all those kids who have cancer and for the kids in plunket.

If you're wondering what do you do at the can drive mufti day? I have your answer and that answer is that you must bring a can of something, that can be put inside a cupboard that won’t go off. For e.g: Baked Beans, Spaghetti, Tuna, Corn and more.

Once you have brought a can of food you get to wear MUFTI! How fun is that you helping the kids and then you getting to wear whatever you want. If you want to help even more you could bring 2 cans because it is always nice to give a little more than you should.

These children are children they may be ages younger than you and this is a special day for them because you are helping out. When you help out it shows your kindness. If you want to help out even more you can donate some money or anything.

Helping these kids by giving food, money and more would really help. You could also pray for them. These children are suffering from cancer and they really need your help! They need you and it's your turn to help them out. How would you like to help these kids out? How would you feel having cancer? Why won't you try being in their shoes?


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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Columbia (South America)

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Have you ever been to the Moloka Museum or to the beautiful Tequendama falls? Well in Columbia you could go to those awesome places! In Columbia it is located in the south of America. In Columbia the population is 48.32 million that is a lot of people in one country. Columbia is a country surrounded by Venezuela and Brazil.

The capital of Columbia is Santa Fe de Bogota. In Colombia their official language would be Spanish, and the president of Columbia is the famous Juan Manuel Santos who is now 64. Only 99% of the people speak the official language in Columbia. Columbia is the only South American Country that has a boundary line,  across and  around the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The most stands with fruit and juices are found in Columbia. Columbia is one of the world’s best countries selling the best coffees. In Columbia they have a popular sport, that nearly everyone in their country has picked which is football. There are also other popular sports including Roller-Skating, Baseball, Weightlifting, Boxing, Cycling and Motorsport.
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In Columbia they have a very traditional sport which is called Tego. Columbians Economy is the fourth largest! If today the date and time was Date:Tuesday 15th of September Time: 8:37am,  in Columbia it would be Date: Monday 14th of September Time: 3:37pm. So that means that Columbia is one day behind New Zealand and New Zealand is 7 hours behind Columbia.

For breakfast Colombians eat Changua which is a milk soup with eggs. In Columbia lunch is like a 3 course menu meaning it has main course, soup and dessert. Wow that is a very big lunch! Columbia is a great place where you can buy some snacks in the best stalls.

In Columbia there are many great and AMAZING places to visit. Including Aburra valley and the tall skyscraper called Torre Colpatria Bogotá. Columbia has the best food and awesome sport. You can even look for these places and If you like any of these places which was your favourite?

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Flag Debate

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Have you ever heard that New Zealand might change their flag? Well this is a very true fact and New Zealand is planning on changing it but do you think it should change? This is a big question for New Zealanders on if they want to have a brand new one or have the same old one?

This is a question where you need to decide and my opinion would be NOT to change the flag. Think about it we have represented this flag for years and years and now they're just going to suddenly change it? Well changing New Zealand’s flag is a big issue.

New Zealanders only want to change it because it looks exactly like the Australian’s Flag and people are getting confused. Is that really the only reason why they want to change the flag? Well we shouldn’t change it because it would also save a lot of money, instead of using all the money to buy a new flag when we already have one.

The New Zealand flag has been represented many times in the past and history. For example the Union Jack symbol represents how strong we stick together with the United Kingdom (UK). In the past, soldiers have also fought and died under our New Zealand flag. Which that brings a lot of history into New Zealand.

If you agree with me then that is great because you are accepting our flag for it’s uniqueness and for our history that the flag has had in the past years. If you don’t agree with me then which flag would you rather have?


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