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Wicked Witch of the singing sands

The Wicked Witch of the Singing Sands

There once lived a wicked witch who lived over the shiny singing sands. The singing sands warned the wicked witch of anyone coming. The wicked witch loved to steal children, thats why everyone feared her. The herdsman had three sons which he raised up himself because his wife died. He told his sons about the witch so they were careful but still he was worried. So he built a house in an acacia tree with a smooth trunk they put a rope ladder because that was there only way into the acacia tree. Each day he would tell his sons “ While I’m gone do not let ANYONE up into the house, you will know it’s me when I whistle 3 times”.

The three sons kept to the plan, until one day the wicked witch appeared!! The wicked witch said “Oh boys I will not hurt you just please pull the ladder down, I just want to look at your lovely acacia tree”. The boys didn’t listen to her because they didn’t hear the three whistles. So after a while there father (herdsman) came back and they told the herdsman about the old lady who came. The herdsman said “ I think it may have been the wicked witch of the singing sands”. The herdsman had warned his sons to remember, not to let anyone in the house but him. The wicked witch was behind the bush listening to everything they had just been talking about. The next day,the witch hid near the tree until the herdsman left for the day.

Then she quickly came out of her hiding spot and let out three shrill whistles the boys let the ladder down because they thought it was there father when its not. The witch climbed up the ladder and snatched the boys, which she tucked very hard under her arms. She rode quickly onto her hyena to her hut over the singing sands. The herdsman came back he saw nobody up in the house and the ladder swaying he checked properly but NOBODY was there.

The herdsman ran to the wise man begging him to help him find his boys and said “I think the wicked witch has stolen my sons if you don’t help me i’m sure you will break my heart”. The wise man said “ Listen very carefully there only one way to get your boys back you have to be really brave. You must kill the witch, and the only way to do that is to break her stick it contains all the power. You need this golden drum to walk across the singing sands then she won’t know anyone is coming to her. Disguised himself and off he went.

The herdsman patted the drum with his cloak he got to the witch’s hut and the witch had a big shock and said “Go away, Go away”. So the herdsman said “ Have you got some food I am very hungry”. The wicked witch said NO NOW GO AWAY! But when she saw the golden drum she said “ ooooooooooooo you can come inside I might have some delicious yummy tasty good great food”. So they went inside the hut and the herdsman saw his boys so when the witch of the singing sands wasn’t looking he went and snapped her stick and then the witch turned into dust. He saw his sons and grabbed them tightly. Now they don’t ever need to worry about that wicked witch ever again!!

The End

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Volcano facts

Volcano Facts

What is a volcano?
A volcano is a mountain/hill or a opening in the Earth's crust, where the very hot liquid from deep in the Earth erupts to the surface.

Magma and Lava
When rock is between or beneath the Earth’s surface gets very hot, and it turns into molten or liquid. While it is still between or beneath the surface it’s called “magma”, and once the magma erupts to the surface through the volcano it’s called “lava”. The hotter the lava is, the further it will flow. Lava can be really hot, sometimes as hot as 1000 degrees C. Lava on the surface will stop flowing and will cool and harden up into rocks. Rocks that are formed from lava cooling are called “igneous rocks”. Some examples of igneous rocks include basalt and granite.

A volcano can be active, dormant, or even extinct. An active volcano is one that has recently erupted or is currently erupting. A dormant volcano is one that hasn’t erupted for a very long time. But is possible to still erupt. An extinct volcano is one that the scientist think will never ever erupt again.

Explosive Volcanism
Some kinds of volcanoes just sort of ooze out lava. This is generally when the lava gets thin. Other volcanoes have thicker lava then other volcanoes that can plug up the vent of the volcano. When this happens pressure which can build up over a long time. When the pressure gets too high the volcano can erupt a huge explosion. Huge amounts of the lava and ash can come out of the volcano.

Types of Volcanos
Some people usually think of volcanoes as tall mountains that are shaped as a cone, but however there are different types of volcanoes.

Cinder Volcanoes
These volcanoes are formed from particles and big blobs of lava which are thrown from a single vent at the very top. They generally don’t get taller than around 1,000 feet.

Composite Volcanoes
These volcanoes are also shaped as a cone, but are formed from big layers of lava over many years. They can grow into huge mountains over 8,000 feet tall.

Shield Volcanoes
They form from wide thin layers of lava that eventually are shaped as a shield.

Lava Domes
These are formed from thick lava which hardens right around the vent. They can sometimes form inside other volcanoes.

Interesting Facts about volcanoes
  • The tallest volcano we know of in the Solar System is on Mars. It is called Olympus Mons and is 17 miles tall.
  • A large volcano eruption can destroy an entire big forest
  • The largest volcano on earth is Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Island. The tallest is Mauna Kea which is right next to it.
  • The ash cloud from volcanoes can be dangerous. It can be harmful for people to breath and difficult for planes to fly through. A large ash cloud from Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, a volcano in Iceland, shut down most of the airports in Europe for several whole days
  • There are generally around 20 volcanoes erupting in the world at any given time.

Destruction caused by Volcanoes
It can cause earthquakes, fast floods, mud slides, and rock falls. Lava can travel really far which can burn, bury or damage anything in its way. Including people houses and trees, the large amount of dust and ash may cause roofs to fall down, which makes it very hard to breath and is very smelly. The ground is not secure and can cause big earthquakes.

Here are some of the active volcanoes:
Mount Fuji In Japan (last erupted in January 1 1708)
Mount Tambora In Indonesia (last erupted in April 10 1815)
Mount Pinatubo In Philippines (last erupted in  June 1991)
Mount St. Helens In United States (last erupted in July 22 1980)

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About the story:
This story is about a 10 year old flitterwig named Ella who saves a kingdom named ‘Magus’. But Ella has to find 5 sacred Dewdrops which can unfreeze the mirrors, along her adventure/ Journey she meets Pixies Elves and Goblins. Then she meets Dixon the rhyming pixie. Ever since these mirrors were frozen all the magical things were stuck onto earth!! Later on she meets her Goblin protector which his name was ‘Charlie Snoppit. Finally together they find the 5 sacred dewdrops and unfreeze the mirrors!

Recommending and Rating:
I recommend this book for 8+ and I rate this book 5 stars


Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s full name was Maria Salomea Sklodowska Curie. Marie Curie was born November 7th 1867, Warsaw,poland. She was married to Pierre Curie in July 1895, they had two daughters their names were Irene and Eve. Marie Curie was twice a winner of the nobel prize, she also was famous because of her achievements of chemistry and physics which won her the two nobel prizes. She was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation. Marie Curie studied at the university of paris in 1903,Marie Curie had 5 siblings Zofia, Bronia, Jozef, Helena and herself. Marie Curie died July 4th 1934 because of aplastic anemia a blood disease that often results from exposure to large amounts of radiation.

Tiger Son

Tiger Son

What is the story about?
The story is about a lady named Chen Ma she lived with her son inside a forest in the Shanxi Province. But her son had been separated from his Tigris hunters, after a while Chen ma
was frightened that her son had disappeared!! So she went to the magistrate and told them. The magistrate people killed the tiger who killed her son. Then they showed Chen ma the tigers cub and said “Kill him”. But Chen ma looked at his soft golden fur and said “They told me to kill you, to salt and smoke your flesh for my meat supply. Your cosy fur would give me warm boots, your bones are good for making tiger bone wine which would ease my joints. But I just can’t bear to kill you”. So Chen ma took the adorable cub to the magistrate and said “Please please please let me adopt this cub I already feel like he is my son”, the magistrate people said “Oh fine then but one day the tiger might kill you”. Chen ma said “It doesn't matter I am already old and ripe”. 

So they gave Chen ma an adoption paper to write the details about “Fuchee’’ ( meaning Tiger Son). Then she lead Fuchee back to their forest home but Fuchee was too playful whenever Fuchee plays around the hut starts to break so she took him to a cave to stay. 

After then when the little cub had grown up Chen ma would always sit down and Fuchee.  would have a present which would be a dead deer or a tree branch. Chen ma still treats Fuchee like her son is actually alive!! After Chen ma died because of a old age past one hundred, the hunters seemed to always see Fuchee guarding her tomb every night. They left him there to guard the tomb because he never attacked any humans or animals. This went on for a number of years and then one day Fuchee was never seen again.

The problem is that Chen ma was an old lady, and had to kill him for his cosy fur as her warm boots and his bones would be good for Tiger bone wine to ease my joint pains. But she just couldn't bear to kill him. The tiger hunters had their knives to kill the adorable cub but she didn't want him to die. So she went to the magistrate to tell them that she wanted to adopt it.

The magistrate said, “but one day the tiger might kill you” Chen ma said “I'm too old anyway and also he is my only family left my husband is gone and even my son”. All she had left was the tiger so they let her adopt it.