Monday, 30 June 2014

Life on a dairy farm.

Life on a dairy farm

When a mother is giving birth to a calve they lie down or sometimes stand up. When the mother has given birth the calve quickly pops out. The calf is taken to a warm shed were the other calves are.

Calves are always hungry in the shed. Calves can be very greedy also want to be first and want to have some milk.. When calves get older they always nibble on grass and are feed less on milk. They drink fresh and clean water.

Young calves have very small horns. Their horns are removed or disbudded by very hot iron. They are injected so that they do not endanger or hurt other calves.

Farmers keep the best female calves to become a heifer which these cows would always produce milk. Heifer cows a dairy farm make 20,000 litres of milk a year but the male cattle have to be slaughtered for beef. The farmer keeps the best bull for breeding.

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