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This book smile is about a young girl named Raina. Raina had to go to the orthodontist because when she went to a scout meeting, all of a sudden she fell down and her two front teeth came out. She then had to go to the orthodontist. The doctor had said her two front teeth had been pushed up further into her gums and she looked like a vampire! She then had to wear braces but was scared she would look like a nerd. She also had to wear fake teeth. Her friends are so mean to her talking about how ugly she looked and more. So she found new friends as she grew up. In the end she finds out that she had been letting the way she looked on the outside affect how she really felt on the inside and she has now focused on her interests the more she brought out things she liked about herself. This book has taught Raina a big lesson.

I recommend this book for 10+ and I rate this book 9/10. I really encourage people to read this if you like comic books.


Lunar Eclipse Prezi

Lunar Eclipse Tagul

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
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The special thing that happened on the 4th of April was that a lunar eclipse occurred and sky gazers were in different parts of the world! Not only that but the lunar eclipse that had occurred had been the shortest one of the century.

The Lunar Eclipse was very visible from the western United States, New Zealand, Eastern Australia, Papua New Guinea, Japan and the extreme West of Russia.

Eclipse occur when the earth is between the sun and the moon. The moon needs the light from the sun because the sun doesn't produce light itself. Except the moon has been blocked with the earth and then that is when the shadow of the earth lays on top of the moon. When that happens that is how the lunar eclipse is progressed.

Blood Moons are referred to a Lunar Eclipse. They are also usually considered to occur once or twice every year. The four continuous ones that are scaring many people. There was also a book by Pastor John Hagee. That book was made in 2013 and the book was called “Four Blood Moons: Something is about to change.

Well the four blood moons have freaked people out already by what’s made it worse is the book “Four Blood Moons: Something is about to change”. This book has been scaring people a lot all about the four moons. What a scary thing to be in!


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My Monster

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 14.00.11.pngMy Monster 

Dragon’s Name: Azolia

Dragon’s Gender: Boy
Date of Birth (D.O.B): 10/12/2013 10th December 2013
Favourite Food: Azolia eats fruits and vegetables and he detests chips
Favourite Drink: Water and L&P mostly L&P
Favourite Colour: Red, Blue and Silver
Favourite Place: Denny’s
Favourite Game: Hide and Scare
Where He lives: Deep down a Volcano
Hobby: Drawing
Siblings: Flordia (Sister), Volia(Sister), Quallia(Sister), Lilla (Sister), Flamer (Brother), Yolui(Brother), Wulga (Brother), Blazer (Brother), Kuizly (Brother), Doraphy (Sister), Denice (Sister), Salite (Sister), Yaeli(Sister)
Parents: Dad-Srater, Mum-Adorza
Pet: Floomy (Baby Owl)   
Favourite Season: Winter

Describing Azolia:

His Behaviour: When he is sad he does an adorable puppy face and no-one can say no to that, when he does the cute puppy face he then makes the world rain. When he is happy he fly’s very very high in the sky then he swoops back to the ground, and does his favourite dance movement he calls it the “Swoopinker” (Sprinkler). When he is shy he camouflages to the closest thing near him.

Habitat: He lives deep down a volcano which has a little cave and he hides in there, and sometimes eats in there his other siblings love to swim in the lava and sometimes sleep. When he is scared he appears at my front door. Then he hides in my closet which then I give him some of my left overs from dinner which are mostly vegetables.

Salient Features: He has adorable blue eyes and small feet. He has ticklish hands that can make you laugh for nearly a whole entire year. He has small horns that aren’t yet fully grown.

How he moves: He moves with his feet an inch higher than the usual ground and then he glides across the sky. He swings his tiny arms up and down and loves to jog all around.

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The Making of Chocolate

The Making of Chocolate

Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Butter

  1. The making of chocolate starts with the cocoa beans. These cocoa beans grow on cocoa trees and those cocoa trees are found in the warm regions. 70% of the cocoa beans grow in West Africa.
  2. These cocoa beans are then gathered to dry in the sun so the beans can help to have its flavour for the chocolate.
  3. When the beans arrive to the correct destination it gets blended, cleaned and then dried. When the Cocoa Beans become dry the shells come off and leaves the nibs behind which that is the raw ingredient of chocolate.
  4. The raw ingredient (Nibs) is then grounded into the liquid cocoa mass. The mass is made into the cocoa powder and cocoa butter.
  5. Sugar, Milk and Lecithin are included so all the ingredients are mixed together and  poured into the set of rollers.
  6. Conching is the last step. The ingredients are mixed into one large tank.
  7. Then that mixture is used to make it into blocks, bars or chocolate drops and more..
  8. The chocolate is then heated in a process which is called “Tempering” and is poured to make solid, caramel, cream and more..


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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Usain Bolt

 Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt’s full name is “Usain St. Leo Bolt”.  During his achievements he earned his media nickname “Lightning Bolt”.  His nationality is Jamaican. He was born on the 21st of August 1986 and is now at the age of 28. His birth was in Sherwood Content, Trelawny Jamaica. He weighs 94 kg and his height is 196 cm or 6 ft 5 in. His sport is Track and Field. His events are Sprints and his club is Racers Track Club.

He is known as the fastest person ever for he was the first man to hold both 100 metres and 200 metres world record since 1977. Not only was he the first man to do that he had also created the world record in the 4x100 metres relay. He had a 2009 record which was a margin for 100m from 9.6 seconds it has been the highest since the start of the record.

In his early years when he was 12 he became the school’s fastest runner and when he went to that school at the age of 12 that was when he was showing everyone how fast he was. In his personal life Bolt loves to express his love for dancing! He has a calm, laid back and relaxed character.

Usain Bolt is a very fast and unique runner. Usain Bolt has a very good strategy on how to run very fast. If you watch every move he makes he usually runs with his hands and arms pointing forwards which really pushes him to run faster and faster. I really appreciate you to watch him and to become inspired!


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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Boy Bullied for amazing cause

Boy Bullied for amazing cause

A 8 year old boy named “Christian McPhilamy” has suffered 2 and a half years of bullying, just for letting his hair grow long for an amazing cause!

It all started when Christian McPhilamy was at the age of 6 and was inspired to begin growing his hair very long. Christian McPhilamy did that so he could donate it to St Jude Children’s Hospital where it is used for wigs and other things for children who are treated for cancer. When Christian McPhilamy was getting bullied he said all the teasing and bullying didn’t make him feel good or happy but he still continued to participate in doing his goal.

Christian was teased and bullied by other children calling him a girl just because he had long blonde hair. Adults, Teachers and other Parents tried and tried to persuade him to cut his hair. Some people gave money so he could cut his long blonde hair although the adults, teachers and parents didn’t know about his cause and his goal of donating his hair so they apologised.   

This year 2015 he managed to donate four 10 inches of ponytails. Way to go Christian McPhilamy! You have completed a goal you are a brave and adventurous young boy. Never give up on the rest of your goals Christian and Keep it up!


Telescopes Powerpoint

My Thinglink about Matariki

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Ralph H. Baer

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi’s full name is Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini. He was born on the 24th  of June 1987. His birth was in Argentina, Rosario. He is now at the age of 27. His height is 1.70 and his playing position is Forward or Midfielder he also serves as a captain for Argentina.  His parents names are Celia María Cuccittini and Jorge Horácio. He has 3 siblings who are Rodrigo(Brother), Matías(Brother) and María Sol(Sister). His partner is Antonella Roccuzzo and has one child which is Thiago Messi.

Lionel Messi is a professional football player for the Spanish club FC Barcelona and Argentina national team. When Lionel Messi was a young boy his father and mother had to work very hard his father was a factory steel worker and his mother was a part time cleaner. 

At the age of five that was when Lionel Messi started playing football he played for Grandoli which was a club coached by his Father. Lionel Messi has his own style of playing football which has been compared to a famous footballer “Diego Maradona” because of their similar playing style. This gives Lionel Messi a lower centre of gravity than most players. His whole body can keep control of the ball and dribble at his own pace. With his incredible dribbling skills he is able to undertake dribbling runs against the goal. Lionel Messi established in 2007 the Leo Messi Foundation and on March 2013 he had donated $600,000 to a children’s hospital. How nice and kind to do such a thing like that because he donated a lot of money to help those children who really need that money! 

Lionel has skills that I have never seen before! He can control the ball very well. He can play his positions like an expert because he is an expert! Lionel Messi has skills that could impress anyone and could inspire new football players. I encourage everyone to research Lionel Messi or watch his games and you will see how much of an expert he really is.


Lionel Messi:Stupeflix

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Anne Princess Royal

Anne Princess Royal

Anne Princess Royal’s full name is Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise. She was born on August the 15th 1950. Her birthplace was at a Clarence house, London, United Kingdom. Anne Princess Royal is now at the age of 64! She has two children which are Zara Phillips and Peter Phillips which she now has three granddaughters. Her parents names are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Her former husband is Mark Phillips and the new husband is Timothy Laurence. She was baptised in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on the 21st of October 1950.

Anne Princess Royal was known for her equestrian talent, she won two silver medals and one gold medal. What an achievement Anne Princess Royal! When Anne Princess Royal had just become royal she never attended her mother’s coronation.

When Anne Princess Royal and Mark Phillips were returning to the Buckingham Palace on the day 20th of March 1974 from a charity on Pall Mall, their Princess IV limousine was required and forced to stop on the mall by a car “Ford Escort”. The driver of the Ford Escort had jumped out of the car and began shooting a gun. In the end he told her his plan and she would give him $2 million or $3 million but she said “no!” then she punched him in the head. The people who were victims were wounded and had to go hospital.

Anne Princess has always been interested in horses. When she was at the age of 21 she had won the individual title from the European Eventing Championship. Together with her horse “Toytown” they have won the gold medals in 2005. Not only is she interested in equestrian her daughter Zara phillips is interested in horses too.

Anne Princess Royal is a brave, nice, kind, polite and respectful lady. Anne Princess is a great role model to people who really think she is their inspiration. Anne Princess Royal is a great equestrian too so if you love equestrian then you will love her!


Anne Princess Royal Stupeflix

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s full name is “Henry Charles Albert David”. He was born on the 15th of September 1984. His birth was at the St Mary’s hospital in London, England. His siblings is a famous young man named “Prince William”! His parents are Diana Princess of Wales and Charles Prince of Wales. Harry only educated at very independent schools just like his father and brother.

In-between the month and year of April 2006 Prince Harry had completed  his officer training just like his brother. When he had finished the training in April 2006 he was authorized as a cornet which is a military rank. Then in early June 2007 Prince Harry had appeared in Canada to train with the Canadian forces. Then in October 2008 it was announced to everyone that Prince Harry had to follow his brother, father and uncle so they could learn how to fly military helicopters.

During times Prince Harry didn't go around the world and do other things just for fun he also has to do things called the “Royal Duties”. When he was at the age of 21 Prince harry was scheduled as a “Counsellor of State” and had to do royal duties ever since Queen Elizabeth had to attend at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta.

Prince Harry is such a responsible, kind, loving and generous young man. He could be a fantastic role model and a fantastic prince!


Prince Harry Stupeflix

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Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Stupeflix

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Prince William’s full name is “William Arthur Philip Louis”. Prince William was born on the 21st of June 1982 and his birth was at Paddington, London, United Kingdom. His spouse/wife is “Catherine Middleton”. His parents names are Charles Prince of Wales(Father) and Diana, Princess of Wales(Mother). Prince William has now got two children which their names are Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge. Sadly his mother had died at the age of 36 in a car crash.

Prince William was educated in four schools and gained a degree from the university of St. Andrews. In December 2006 Prince William completed all 44 weeks of training as an officer. Then after that job Prince William wanted to be a pilot. When he was at the age of 7 he said a kind thing to his mother which was “Mum I want to be a police officer so I can protect you”. Prince William was such a kind and generous person and saying that could mean everything to his mother because he loved her very much.

Prince William then married the wonderful Princess Catherine on the 29th of April 2011 at the Westminster Abbey and then that was when they had their children. When Prince William had became prince on the 3rd of June,1991 Prince William had been sent to the “Royal Berkshire Hospital” because he was accidentally hit on the side of his body which had fractured the skull. When he went to the Royal Berkshire Hospital he found out that he had a scar which he then named that scar the “Harry Potter Scar”.
Screenshot 2015-06-02 at 8.11.19 PM.png

Apart from the facts Prince William’s birthday will be in 19 more days starting from today. “Happy Early Birthday Prince William may you have the time of your life on that special day!

Queen Elizabeth II (Happy Birthday)

Come, Come Holy Spirit

Monday, 1 June 2015

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 and is now at the age of 89. Her birth was in the United Kingdom, London, Mayfair. Her Husband is Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth II has four children and their names are Charles Prince of the Wales, Anne Princess Royal, Prince Andrew Duke of York and lastly Prince Edward Earl of Wessex or they can be known as just their first names (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward).  Her parents are Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and George VI. She also only has one sibling and that is a lady named Princess Margaret Countess of Snowdon.

Queen Elizabeth became head of the commonwealth of the seven countries which are United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon.  

When Elizabeth II was in her early days she was baptised by the Anglican Archbishop of York, Cosmo Gordon Lang, in the private chapel in the Buckingham Palace on the day 29th of May and then named Elizabeth after her mother. They then named Alexandra after her Father’s ( George V) mum. Then Mary was the name that was named after Elizabeth’s Paternal Grandmother. Her cousin had always called her “a jolly little girl” but a good and sensible one.

Elizabeth has had sad times including her father who had died at the age of 56, her mother’s death, death of her son’s former wife “Diana” and more.

I would like to say “Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth for there are many more years to come may this day be a fantastic day for you, May God bless you”.


My Grandma


My Grandma is my hero. She has always been there for me and still has. My Grandma always has a helping hand and one big smile. She taught me something which was to love, share and always be kind not only to her but to everyone. She would always help me in my school-work. She was a teacher that taught me a lot of things. She was a nurse that would run and get the first aid kit even if it was just a little scrape. My Grandma does all those things and even more because she cares for me and loves me.

My Grandma loves going into the city and so do I, we go into the city and have lunch, go onto fares, watch the boats, go shopping and go to church. My Grandma is the best Grandma that I could have ever had and no-one can replace her. She is so loving, kind, generous,  trustworthy, polite and wise.  I thank my Grandma for everything that she has done, for helping others, for being respectful and for just always telling the truth. She would never break a promise or even lie. She has a big great smile that  I would love to see everyday and which I can. I thank God for my Grandma and thank him for giving me such a kind and wise one. Thank-you Grandma for everything. I love you Grandma from the bottom of my heart.


My Hero

James Naismith

James Naismith

In the year of 1891 a Canadian which was 30 years old was born on November the 6th 1861. His birth was at Almonte in the province of Canada.

James Naismith was the inventor of Netball. It all started when James Naismith had invented/created a men’s game called “Basketball”. He then invented the girl version of Basketball which is by the Boston YMCA. That was when the game “Netball” was formed.

Netball was then introduced in Australia and also to many other countries. The netball games were taught to people by the English school teachers in the 1900’s. Women loved the new version of basketball (Netball) except they found out that long passes were much harder to goal or execute-(achieve) due to how much strength you need to have. So women and ladies changed the game around to make it more easier for them. By doing that they had made rules like changing the courts. So they decided to divide the courts into thirds and they said that there was a rule that you must follow. The rule was to catch or touch the ball at least once in each third of the court every time. When they had finished discussing all the rules they all took the backboard off from the basketball hoop, and designed it into something else which was a smaller sized ring to fit a soccer ball but changed it into a netball ball.   

When James was a little boy he struggled in school work and learning. Except he was a gifted boy at farm labor. He spent his days playing hide-seek, playing catch and duck on a rock.     James had many honors and accomplishments awards. For example: He had earned the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, FIBA hall of fame, Canadian Basketball hall of fame, Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, Ontario Sports Legends Hall of Fame, Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, McGill University Sports Hall of Fame, Kansas State Sports Hall of Fame, Inventor of Basketball. Most of his awards all ended with the words “Hall of Fame” because Hall of Fame is like a housing for famous groups, celebrities, illustrators and more.                     

James didn’t only have awards. He also had written books! There were only about 3 books but what a great start! Those lovely books were Basketball’s Origins: Creative Problem Solving in the Gilded Age, Basketball: Its Origin and Development and lastly Basketball - Its Origin and Development.

Sadly in the end he had died. His death was on the 28th of November 1939. James Naismith died at a place in the United States, Lawrence, Kansas.