Friday, 27 March 2015

Glass Bottles Recycling

Recycling Glass Bottles

I wonder what happens once I put a empty Glass into a Recycling bin? Silica Sand helps to make new glass bottles. The silica sand would be melted to a very high temperature. Recycled glass bottles are made all in a same, simple way. But except the cost is very little, and it will use up fewer of the natural resources.

Recycling glass bottles would start when people take their used jars and bottles to the recycling bin. Then the recycled bottles and jars would be sent to the lorry and to the recycling plant. At the recycling plant lids and bottletops from the jars and bottles are taken off. After then the glass is crushed into little pieces.

The crushed glass is sent by the lorry and to a bottle factory. Then here is where silica sand gets mixed. It should then be melted in a furnace at a very low temperature then made into new glass bottles.

Finally the hot liquid glass is pulled out of the furnace and given to the missionary that will make bottles. Recycled glass is better and as pure as new glass. Glass can be recycled and remade in a cycle. Without losing it’s quality.


Contaminated Water

Contaminated Water Is It Good or Bad?

I wonder if the water we are drinking is Good or Bad? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world was filled with contaminated water? Why do we have to have unclean water? We are drinking the same dirty water except, it is just being cleaned with chlorine. So the water we are drinking is contaminated! It is causing and effecting many things.

Like litter just being thrown in the drain, killing and choking our marine animals because they think it’s food even the whales! If our whales are killed there will be plankton everywhere in the sea, then you wouldn’t be able to swim. Litter would go down the drain to the reservoir where they clean the water we drink.

The other problem is pesticides, people are using special spray to keep bugs away. All the chemicals that are in the spray get washed away by the rain and to the reservoir. Plants getting washed away too and even dying! The reservoir is giving us diseases, bacteria and virus in our water.

Another problem is cattle waste a cow poops on the farm and farmers put the cow’s poop down the drain and to the water waste. Then to the reservoir.

Contaminated water has another problem, which is acid rain where the contaminated water is going up to the clouds and rains down. The rain that pours down will make you itchy because of the contaminated water.

The last problem is oil spill people are taking their boats which are powered by engines. If the oil spills out then it would kill our marine life animals and they will all die. So basically Litter and Oil spill are a problem for our marine animals!

We need to help stop throwing things in the drain so the water we drink will be pure clean. So think about it no more marine animals will choke or die and they will be safe. So no more extinction. Not only that but the whole world would be safe! Who would want to drink or swim in contaminated water? Who wants to help stop littering? Who wants to help the world? Who would want dirty water in a glass?


Book Review 2

The lion, The witch and The wardrobe

This story The lion, the witch and the wardrobe is about four siblings going on an adventure. Their names are Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. They had lived with a kind hearted caregiver but he had no wife. Lucy found a big giant wardrobe and she went inside it, soon it had lead her into a wonderful place called “Narnia”. Then she told her siblings but her siblings never believed her story. Finally they went to see for themselves, and they soon realised she was telling the truth. As they entered the place ‘Narnia’, they go on an amazing adventure to  the witch.Image result for the lion the witch an dthe

I recommend this book for 10 yrs and over, also for people who love adventure books. I think this is a brilliant book. I rate this 5 stars. I hope you people will start reading this book and even watch the movie!!!!


Friday, 13 March 2015


Fruit Flies

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 12.36.16.pngFruit flies are destroying and harming our vegetation.  These insects are stopping New Zealand from selling our best products globally.  Many countries will not buy New Zealand’s fruits or vegetables if fruit and vegetables are infested with fruit flies. It will affect our economy. We need to get rid of these fruit flies and destroy them. The job of eradicating fruit flies is harder than you think.

MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) are asking everyone, not to remove any fruit, vegetables or garden waste in the affected area. If you are to take fruits or vegetables out of your home only take store bought fruits and vegetables, but not home grown. These are only true in the affected area. Don’t move these off your property, only the secure bins given from the Ministry for Primary Industries are situated 200 metres away. If you think you have seen or found any fruit flies note down the location, catch a sample if you can and dial MPI. Freephone 0800 80 99 66.

Fruit Flies lay eggs only in ripening fruit.
Be extra careful with all fruits and vegetables including: Tomato, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Marrow, Courgette, Avocado, Olives and Eggplant. Berries and even weeds and trees. Fleshy fruits nuts like walnut and macadamia.

If you see or find maggots in ripe fruit put the fruit in a plastic container and crumple up several tissue paper, put the lid on.

Screenshot 2015-03-05 at 12.39.04.png



Have you ever wondered what will happen if there is infestation on earth? Well Infestation has caused a lot of things that you might never have known.

Infestation caused by insects damage our fruit and plants just like the fruit flies. Infestation has a big effect  to the economy. So no more countries will buy our best products.

Our nutrition would be affected then we wouldn't have enough food and we would start to starve and we might die.

It would also be harder to eradicate because insects like fruit flies are laying eggs in our fruit so there will be more insects to get rid of.

Head lice are another infestation, they are little insects which like to overspread in a human’s scalp. Head lice are very common with children. Head lice have been infesting for thousands of years.

We need to stop Infestation so we don’t spread diseases!


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Book Review 1

Chinese Cinderella

Chinese Cinderella is about the life of Adeline Yen Mah. Adeline’s life was very hard. She was called “Bad luck” because when she was born, two weeks after her mother passed away. Her family would never remarried to a young lady named “Niang”. She would always say nasty things like “When you grow older you get uglier and even uglier”. Adeline always had this question in her head “What did my mama look like?’’. But her father had ordered for all her mother’s pictures destroyed.

My favourite character is Aunt Baba because she loved Adeline Yen Mah so much, she was like another mother to Adeline. But except Nicer than “Niang”.

I rate this book five stars. I recommend this book for 10+.
   Adeline Yen Mah                   Aunt Baba                            Niang




I think my friends are Kind, Caring and loving to others but they are mostly FUNNY to everyone.

I am excited for swimming, I just can’t wait!

I am Active, Sporty, Crazy, Fun and Awesome.

I am good at Netball, Running and Swimming.

When I grow up I would like to be a lawyer or a Netball Player.

I need to work on actively participating in Class.