Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book Review 10 Secret Safari Ej12

Ej12 Secret Safari

This book is about a girl named Emma this girl is a agent spy which goes on a lot of missions. In this book their is a mean bully named Nema. Nema was a very mean bully no-one was mean to her. One day at lunch time Emma promised her friends that she would meet them at the netball courts and she ended up there for hours. Couple of minutes after she found her friends laughing and laughing and they were laughing at her when she looked beside them they were laughing with Nema. Emma knew that they had set her up. Emma was very disappointed in her friends she had to go to the netball courts because she never breaks promises. Emma thought that they were her real friends and now she knows what kind of friends they really are. At the same time her Mum sent her a text about someone killing animals so she went to go and help. Why is Nema so mean is it because she is the one killing these animals?

I recommend this book for 7+ and also for people who love the Ej12 books!

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