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Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison2.jpgThomas Edison’s full name is Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Edison was born on February 11th 1847, In Milan, Ohio, United States. Thomas had a very big achievement which was to create an electric light bulb and he did. He also had 6 children named Charles Edison(Son), Theodore Miller Edison (Son), Madeleine Edison(Daughter), Thomas Alva Edison. Jr(Son), Marion Estelle Edison(Daughter) and lastly William Leslie Edison (Son). His wife was Mary Stilwell but then he remarried to another lady named Mina Miller. His siblings are Marion Wallace Edison(Sister), Eliza Smith Edison (Sister), Carlile Snow Edison (Brother), William Pitt Edison (Brother), Harriett Ann(Sister), Samuel Ogden Edison (Brother).  He also won 10 awards which were Technical Grammy Awards, Grammy Trustees Awards, Congressional Gold Medal, Franklin Medal, John Fritz Medal, John Scottal Legacy Medal and Premium, Distinguished Service Medal, Matteucci medal, Rumford Prize and Edward Longstreth Medal. Thomas was the person who was making many devices that really helped others around the world and also influenced some people. Here are some of his inventions The phonograph, the motion picture camera and lastly a long lasting electric light bulb. There were also companies with Edison’s Name which are Edison General Electric, Commonwealth Edison which is now part of Exelon, Consolidated Edison, Edison International, Detroit Edison which is now a unit with/of DTE Energy, Edison S.p.A which is now a unit of Italenegia, Edison Electric Institute, Edison Portland Cement Company and Southern California Edison.

People should Thank Thomas Edison because he is an intelligent inventor and no-one can replace him. I think everyone should thank him because he invented the light bulbs and if their were no light bulbs invented you would be trying to see stuff in darkness and that is bad for your eyes because you are forcing your eyes to see. Light is what you need in the world so thank-you Thomas Edison. The world would be in darkness without you.

Sadly Thomas Edison has died at the age of 84 his death was at West Orange, New Jersey, U.S. Rest in Peace Thomas Edison.


If you would like where the I got my facts from then please press the link below:

Peace and War

Best Friends Forever


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Ralph H. Baer

Ralph H. Baer

Ralph H. Baer was born March 8th 1922. Ralph H. Baer was the one who invented games! Ralph H. Baer was known as “The Father of Videogames” due to all his video games that he invented in the latter half of 20th century. Baer was a jewish person and his family was too they were a jewish family that lived in Germany. One day when Baer was at the age of 11 he was expelled from his school because of his ancestry. So when he was expelled he went to an all-jewish school because of what he had done. His family feared about persecution increasing. So they moved from Germany all the way to New York. A few years later when Baer was a teenager he then became a United States citizen.

Baer taught himself how to work. He worked at a factory and earned 12 dollars weekly payment. When Baer saw an advertisement about a bus station for education he then quit his factory job. So after all those jobs he’s been through Baer had finally started his own company before joining defense contractor Sanders Associates in Nashua, New Hampshire (now they are part of BAE Systems Inc.) then retired in the year 1987.

Baer then was a man who invented and made video games which he made the game called Simon. Simon is a pattern game that Baer invented and was also invented by a man named Howard J. Morrison.

Sadly Baer died in December the 6th 2014 at the age of 92. His death was at his house which was Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S. What I would want to say to him is May you Rest In Peace Ralph H. Baer. If you were still alive I would also like to say that “You are really an extraordinary inventor and a great father who made great video games. You are very talented and creative in all your inventions that you made and I love them especially the new game Simon” because I think that it is a really creative game that you have made.


George Devol

George Devol

George Devol was born in Louisville, Kentucky on February 20th 1912. George Devol was the first person to invent the industrial robot, what a big achievement!  When George Devol had made the industrial robot he got the patent for unimate award. When he received the patent for unimate award he became the president of Devol research. George Devol had resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and also in Wilton, Connecticut producing a robot business.

When Devol was a young boy he was interested in electrical and mechanical things like boats, engines and airplanes. He had experience from Riordan Prep. George Devol wasn’t really a school lover or into learning. Although he read all the books he could about mechanical devices and tried to find out how the devices were made he tried to find out, understand and know the answer.

As Devol went into business he was starting to form United Cinephone to build an area into a new film and new sound motion pictures called “talkies”. Later on as his business grew, Devol found out that the RCA and the Western Electrical were located near his working area. So the RCA and Western Electrical companies made a decision to not continue Devol’s product.

Devol had died on August 11 2011 at the age of 99. He died at Wilton Connecticut. If George Devol was still alive I would like to say to him “George Devol, well done on inventing something awesome you are very creative!’’.


Walt Disney

Walt Disney

He was born in Chicago,Illinois,U.S on December 5th 1901. He had two daughters named Diane Disney Miller and Sharon Mae Disney. His siblings were Roy O. Disney(Brother), Ruth Flora Disney (Sister), Raymond Arnold Disney(Brother) and Herbert Arthur Disney. Walt Disney’s wife was Lillian Disney however she remarried another man named John L. Truyens. His parents were Flora Call Disney(Mother) and Elias Disney (Father). His greatest achievements were the creation of Walt Disney. He also made the animation films for Disney. He was a voice actor, film producer, cartoonist and lastly animator. Walt Disney had many awards. He won 19 awards they were from Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Academy Award for Best Short Film (Animated), Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award, Academy Honorary Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Academy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action), Congressional Gold Medal, Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, Honorary C├ęsar, Grammy Trustees Award, Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, Academy Award for Best Short Subject,Two Reel, Golden Globe Special Achievement Award, DGA honorary Life Member Award, David di Donatello for Best Foreign Producer, Golden Globe Award for Cinematography-colour, New York Film Critics Circle Special Award, Primetime Emmy Award for Best producer-Film Series and lastly Demolay Legion of Honor.
Sadly Walt Disney died. He died from lung cancer. He died December 15 1966. May Walt Disney rest in peace (R.I.P).


Life Expectancy Rising

Life Expectancy Rising

This is a report about New Zealanders newborn baby girls and baby boys. New Zealanders can now live a longer life because......

Life expectancy is rising in New Zealand! New Zealanders are expected to live a year and a half longer than in the year 2005. Now new baby born girls and boys can live longer than before. The ages are now for girls/women 83.2 years of age and for baby boys/men 79.5. Except on the data graph it shows something else and doesn't  say that the ages are now increasing. The gap between genders are getting lower and lower than its meant to be. It should show the ages increasing instead of the ages narrowing down. Statistics NZ commented that it may change due to smoking rates or from socio-economic downfall.




Bio-security is a protection for our country’s economy, like pests and diseases eg. Poisonous spiders and Mosquitoes. They will protect us and our country by doing their job.

The central government is responsible for our border management. There are four Bio-security agencies. The MAF(Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) leads the Government’s Bio-security Programme. The DOC (Department of Conservation) manages weeds, animal pests, wildlife diseases, marine and freshwater environments. The MFish (Ministry of Fisheries) is no longer leading the Bio-security but still participate with strategic goals for the marine biosecurity. MOH (Ministry of Health).

Bio-security doesn't really help but in the end it does. Bio-security is what protects us from dangerous things that can enter our country and could harm or kill us. These things could be diseases, fruit flies and more. Thank-you Bio-security for keeping our country safe.

Is war the solution to Peace?

Book Review 10 Secret Safari Ej12

Ej12 Secret Safari

This book is about a girl named Emma this girl is a agent spy which goes on a lot of missions. In this book their is a mean bully named Nema. Nema was a very mean bully no-one was mean to her. One day at lunch time Emma promised her friends that she would meet them at the netball courts and she ended up there for hours. Couple of minutes after she found her friends laughing and laughing and they were laughing at her when she looked beside them they were laughing with Nema. Emma knew that they had set her up. Emma was very disappointed in her friends she had to go to the netball courts because she never breaks promises. Emma thought that they were her real friends and now she knows what kind of friends they really are. At the same time her Mum sent her a text about someone killing animals so she went to go and help. Why is Nema so mean is it because she is the one killing these animals?

I recommend this book for 7+ and also for people who love the Ej12 books!

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Respect for one another is something good. When you have respect you are honouring another person. Having respect for others and treating them as you want to be treated is what I want and what God wants. You should have respect for everyone especially your family and parents. Having respect is like obeying you obey whatever your parents say. If they say to go and pick up rubbish you go and do it for you are respecting them. 

Respecting other people shows how kind, caring, loving and generous you are because you respect others as you want them to respect you. Respect it for those who deserve it. If you want people to respect  you then you must respect people. 

Having respect for the world is good. You could pick up the rubbish and help the environment, you could do all sorts of things to help the world. You could help someone in your family go and do the shopping or anything. Helping one another is a kind thing that everyone should start doing. If you're being mean and rude you're not being respectful and then others will think you are a nasty and mean person. If you're being nice and helping other people then they will think you are a really nice person. Then you might even have a lot of friends. If you don’t know what to do then you could help an elderly person, give money to the charity or be friends with someone lonely. 

There are lots of things you could do to be someone new and kind, instead of nasty and mean. If you're respecting one another you are keeping the world happy and me too. If you're not respecting others this is the time to do it now! Remember to please treat others kind and nice because what have they done to you?




Have you ever wondered about all the teenagers and children getting bullied? What the teenagers and children go through? How could you help? Bullying is something you wouldn't want. Bullying is another person teasing, kicking or threatening another person. Bullying can keep others from coming to school because they are just too scared. Teenagers and kids are scared of walking into that door and getting punched and kicked from Monday-Friday so they skip school. Bullying can get very serious even if you didn't know that they would take it seriously. Some teenagers kill themselves because others are treating them differently and they don’t like it. “Treat others as you want to be treated” is what my Mum always tells me.

If you're a bully think about these questions. How would you like getting bullied from Monday-Friday? How would you like it if someone came up to you and grabbed you by the top of your shirt? I want everyone to just stop bullying if everyone would just stop bullying there would be Peace. I’m sure that is what everyone wants right? Bullying happens too many times and can cause a lot of lives at risk or at death. Bullying is not what God wants or even what the world wants. Pretend you're that child you are bullying and they come and just punch you, then BOOM you drop on the floor. How would you like getting messages, emails or texts saying how fat, stupid or ugly you are. If people are doing that to you ignore them everyone is beautiful but no-one is perfect. Everyone looks different and that is good thing or it would be silly for everyone to look exactly the same. Just keep saying to yourself you were born beautiful and ignore what others say about you.

If you see someone getting bullied go and help them don’t just stand there seeing them get hurt. If you are getting bullied and there is no-one to help you stand up for yourself and speak up. Tell them how you feel and how you don’t want them bullying you any-more. Tell them everything that they have done to you and ask them how would they like it if you did it to them?

Do you want bullying to stop? Do you want to help others? Do you want to help keep Peace?



Anzac Day


Anzac Soldiers

The events are still important today because when the war had happened it was when Australia had just became a federal commonwealth. It is important today because many people were encouraged to remember all women and men who have died for their own country. They have represented their  country very well so they will never be forgotten.

They dressed by wearing a hat, hat badge, collar badge, Puttee, Pugarees, Tunic, Belt and a riffle. They wore Puttee to keep their legs cozy and warm especially during the cold weather. They used them to avoid the saddles. The boots helped keep their feet warm.

They ate hard crackers, bacon, salted pork, salted beef, dried peas, bully beef, rice, jam, cocoa, bread, coffee, milk, and tea. They ate more and sometimes they had little tin canned food. The soldiers even ate anzac wafers some of them broke their teeth because it was very hard. To  soften it they used tea or coffee to avoid their teeth from being broken.

Soldiers communicate to one another by sign language and use of codes for long  distance communication. They used birds to send letters but some didn't really work for the enemy shot the birds and the message was never sent. Some soldiers opted not to send letters they didn’t want their families to know what was happening and fear for their safety.

This is still a day to remember the lost soul who protected our freedom and for their loved for the country and bravery.

War and Peace

War or Peace?

Do you want war or do you want Peace? Does war settle our arguments and disagreements? Do you think war is good? Well I believe war is not the way to settling our arguments and disagreements. War is not a good thing for it sometimes means to soldier revenge and killing. War is like bullets flying everywhere then the next minute you have just been shot dead.

When I think of peace I see a beautiful pure white dove and everyone getting along and communicating properly. When I think of war I can just see blood and pain and can hear screams. Well peace is the key to happiness and that is what the world should have. If they want peace, give them peace because they want to live a lovely life not a life that involves guns and punching. War does not fix anything but peace does.

If you have war you might die if you have peace I’m positive you will have a great life that you may like better than a life in war. Think about it having war would be you shooting innocent people and then peace where you hear laughter and feel loved. Having peace and war together just doesn’t match and I want peace. War is Bad and Peace is Good. Peace is like God’s Kingdom,  he is loving, kind and a caring father to us all. How kind and loving God is that is how peace is like everyone would be talking politely and kindly there actions would be way better than actions in war. In war,  if you die wouldn’t your family be heartbroken? Well it's your decision, but if you do, then your family would wish you had never even gone to war and you had  stayed home. Except it was already too late. I believe everyone should have peace and no war for there lives may be at risk.


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Stupeflix What do we learn at school and why do we have to go to school?

The Secret Garden Book review 8

The Secret Garden

This book is about a girl named “Mary Lennox”. Mary was spoiled and didn't have any friends.
Mary lives in India with her parents and her parents just don’t care about her. Her mother only cares about parties and looking pretty and beautiful. One day, there was one party that her parents attended and they left Mary with her ayahs. After that party there was a disease and her parents died and everyone else who attended to the party died too. Mary didn’t catch the disease at all she was all alone in her room. Her ayahs died too for they were outside laughing and doing their own thing. 
When the disease had stopped spreading some investigators went to her house to see if there were any survivors. They went into Mary’s room and found Mary just standing there. The investigators tried to look for other relative’s of her and they found one with a family of two children and two parents, mary was sent to their house for them to look after for a while. The family of four were in England. In the family of four one of the children were named “Basil”. Basil was very annoying he would always tease her by saying “Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row”. Then she had to move to her uncle’s house which was a mansion. In her uncle’s garden, she finds a secret passageway with the help of a Robin.
In the ground she found the key to that secret garden. In the secret garden, she found dead plants and a swing. Then she made it look all pretty again. Except that secret garden was forbidden because the swing broke and that was how her uncle’s wife died. Her Uncle didn't want to see Mary’s face ever again for she looked like her uncle’s wife. In the end Mary feels happy and finds a good friend named “Dicken”. Then Mary helps her cousin to get rid of his sickness and walk.

I recommend this for ages 8-12 because this is a very big book but kind of easy to read. I think those ages will be suitable for this book. I rate this a 9/10 and encourage people to read this. I think people who love to read books will really love this.

Screenshot 2015-05-11 at 17.45.22.png

Drama Queen Book review 6

Drama Queen

Screenshot 2015-05-09 at 20.06.45.pngThis book is about a girl named Emma. Emma is a young girl but a agent spy, someone has made the water pink and it's up to Emma to complete the mission. At home Emma finds her Diary full with mud and footprints that looked like it was from her brother’s soccer game. Emma is so mad and has to complete the mission at the same time. Emma talks with her mum and her mum says ”I think you were a little bit too harsh to him”. Emma says “Why are you on his side? He stepped all over my diary and now I can’t write in it any-more!”. Emma stomps upstairs to her room. Her mum comes in and says “I want you to apologize to your brother”. 

On the mission Emma goes to a new action movie where the stars and actors were rehearsing. Emma had these spy weapons which were a charm bracelet every charm had a letter which stands for “Clever Hidden Accessories”. Every charm was actually a spy gadget you just had to twist the charm and the charm would turn into a spy equipment. E.G: Listening device, a charm to attack dangerous animals, charms to distract animals and more. 

The charms really helped Emma in other missions. Emma entered the movie stage and saw bottles that were pink, orange and  blue. Emma uses her X-ray to zoom in and she see’s a letter S. As Emma zooms in even more she can see the bottles which looked like perfume bottles she could also see that the bottles were full of tiny balls! In the end KM12 a spy agent helped Emma to complete the mission. At home Emma fixes the problem with her and her brother and they apologized to each other.

I recommend this book for 7-10 because this book is a very easy book but very interesting book.   

Charlie and the chocolate factory Book review 5

Charlie and the chocolate factory

This book is about Charlie Bucket and Willy Wonka who has put 5 golden tickets in 5 chocolate bars. Children buy so much chocolate just for the golden ticket! The lucky 5 people get to go to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The lucky 5 children were Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Mike Teavee, Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde. When Charlie bucket finds out he has got a golden ticket he is so happy. His grandfather agrees to go with him and as they enter the iron gates. It is like paradise! 

Charlie bucket can see chocolate everywhere! Att the factory he could see chocolate water. As Charlie looks along the water he can see the oompa loompas.  They love to sing. Willy Wonka gives a tour to the children along the big adventure., some Children get lost in the gigantic factory and then they go home. Charlie doesn’t get lost, he listens and follows every instruction that is told. Charlie Bucket was the last one standing. So Mr Willy Wonka says “Well my boy you have won! Congratulations”.  Mr Willy Wonka blasted with excitement and said ”Now we have a lot of work to do”. They jumped on a lift back to Charlie Buckets house.

Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 20.26.41.pngI rate this book a 7/10 because it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be except now I think the movie is a little better. I recommend this book for 8-12 because most of these words are very easy to read and I think those ages will match the book very well.Screenshot 2015-05-08 at 20.26.54.png


Heidi Book Review 4


Screenshot 2015-05-06 at 19.35.18.png

This book is about a young girl named Heidi. She lived with with her Aunty because her mother and father had passed away. Heidi’s Aunt wanted to give her to her Grandfather but her grandfather did not like her at all. Heidi’s grandfather didn't want her to stay with him. He didn't even want to look after her. As Heidi grows up with her grandfather he starts to like her. Heidi finds a friend named Peter which is a goat boy. Heidi loved staying with her Grandfather and she thought it was really fun, except when Aunt came and said “I knew I shouldn't have given you to your Grandfather!”. Heidi’s Aunt was very angry because Heidi didn't want to leave. She loved the way her Grandfather was nice to her and she loved her Grandfather very much. Heidi goes with her Aunt to her company because her Aunt wanted her. Heidi says “One day I will meet my grandfather again”.

I recommend this book for ages 7+. This is such a good book but it is really easy to read. This book will be great for people who just love to read anything!


Be yourself

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The great helper for great apes

The Great Helper for Great Apes

Screenshot 2015-05-13 at 11.43.30.pngA lovely lady named “Birute Mary Galdikas” studied orangutans and apes. She has studied these apes for over 40 years. These endangered apes live in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Galdikas teacher/mentor was Louis Leakey which he is a famous anthropologist. Louis Leakey helped Galdikas to study on orangutans and apes in Borneo. There were another two women which Louis Leakey taught and they were Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey. Jane was known for her great work with the chimpanzees and Dian was known for her studies about the Gorillas. These three girls (which is including Birute Mary Galdikas) mentored/taught by Louis were mostly called “Leakey’s Trimates”.

Birute Mary Galdikas had an interview with times for kids (TFK) and this is some information. When Galdikas was at the age of six she read Curious George, and that was when she really became interested in animals like orangutans. Way before Kindergarten she was interested in animals.

Galdikas wanted to be an explorer because at the age of 6 she knew nothing about orangutans. Galdikas was amazed about orangutans so she wanted to know alot of information. Galdikas wanted to go to the jungles and learn something about the orangutans and also see them! Galdikas found another way to learn more fascinating facts so she went to the public library and issued books.

In 1986 Galdikas had found the “Orangutan Foundation International” (OFI). She wanted to help protect the precious orangutans because their habitats are starting to disappear. The orangutan’s habitat is disappearing faster than any other rainforest in the world! Galdikas is really hoping she can do something to really help the orangutans.

In september the world leaders and the palm oil companies are promising that them both would stop cutting down trees in the orangutan’s habitat. By 2030 they shall stop cutting down the trees to help these orangutans. Galdikas just hopes that they will stick to their word or else the orangutans will die. Galdikas doesn’t want that to happen she wants the orangutans to be protected and not extinct.

Galdikas said “If these orangutans ever go extinct it is all because of the palm oil”. The animals will survive if everyone stops eating foods that contain palm oil. Another solution to help these apes and orangutans is to download an app which shows all foods that contain palm oil so you don’t buy them or eat them. One more solution to help is when you go to the shops like Countdown, New world or Pak'nsave to look at the ingredients. If you find ingredients that have palm oil do not buy it please put it back because I don’t think you would like killing these lovely and gentle animals?

Galdikas likes to spend most of her time or half of the year looking after orangutans. She finds orangutans calm, gentle and very unique than other animals. She feels very blessed to have a job like this and to work with one of her favourite animals. She says “I have become friends with many orangutans and that gives me the greatest pleasure of all!!”.

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Fotor-Collage for Mothers Day

Dreams and Nightmares

The Mummified Monk

The Mummified Monk

There was a man stuck inside a buddha statue for over 200 years and his name was Liuquan. Liuquan was a teacher at the chinese meditation school and he was a very holy chinese man. The buddha statue contains a mummified monk which was  put inside the statue.  While he was in the buddha statue he was slowly dying with no food.
The secret of the buddha statue was unveiled in 1997. When the owner of the statue was trying to repaint it gold again. The owner of the buddha statue detached the wooden platform and the owner saw two pillows. So she-he removed the pillows and saw the bottom of a human. Scientists had found in tests that the human body was put inside the buddha statue for over 200 years which was older than the rug.

They halt the investigation because there was no answer on how the organs of the chinese man was removed. They didn’t know how it got removed and how it got in. That is one of the secrets about the buddha. It was being displayed at the hungarian natural history Museum. Except they can not reveal anything.

The buddha was at the Drents Museum because it was for their special exhibit (Display). Which was called “Mummies-Life Beyond Death”. At that display which was in Netherlands the secrets were revealed. The display ended on August 2014. When the display ended the museum researchers wanted to find out more information about this Buddha after they had heard the secrets.

The CT scans showed a perfectly seated man sitting in a lotus position.   As the researchers looked along the chest  with a endoscope. They were very surprised to find that the organs were missing. Researchers were very stunned about the lungs which actually turned out to be scraps of paper.

The big surprise was that they found a man inside the buddha statue that is why they called it the “living buddha”.  
The “self mummification” is to transfer a person into a “living buddha”. Monks go through it because it was an ancient  ritual for a monk to go through the process. The mummy was placed in a statue so that the statue could be placed in a temple to be worshipped.  

My Questions for The Mummified Monk:

Q1. When did the researchers discover the ancient buddha?
Q2. What did the tests reveal?
Q3. What is the position the man is sitting in?
Q4. What was the chinese man sitting on?
Q5. Where was the Buddha statue transported?
Q6. Why did they remove the air tube?
Q7. How many years was the man stuck inside the buddha statue?
Q8. How old was the buddha statue?

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Sleeping hours

How many hours are you meant to sleep for?

Have you been waking up in the middle of the night? Have you been waking up in an angry mood? Have you been cranky in the morning this week? It's all because of how much hours you’ve been sleeping for.

Have you ever wondered how much hours you meant to be sleeping for? Well 1 week newborn babies are meant to sleep for 8 hours and 30 minutes at night. Ages 2 and 3 are meant to be getting 11 hours and 30 minutes. Children are meant to be getting 10-11 hours sleep. Teenagers are meant to be getting 8 hours and 30 minutes.

Have you been sleeping most of the time in the car? Have you been sleepy in the daytime? Do you need someone to wake you up early every morning? If you have been doing one or all of these things then you haven’t been having enough sleep as you should be having.

All children should sleep for hours and hours because its important to for their behaviour and attitude especially their well being.

So if you haven’t been getting enough sleep its time you should. Get an alarm and wake up yourself. Set your alarm for the amount of hours you are meant to sleep for. This may need you to change you bedtimes for more hours of sleep. Please make sure to have enough sleep and always smile!
By:FaithScreenshot 2015-05-03 at 20.23.06.png

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Dream, Wish, Do

Thinglink on World War 1 and World War 2