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What did I learn?
I learnt about Cybersafety and how we should never share information with strangers. I also learnt a lot about the animals and endangered animals during our amazing trip to the zoo. It was especially sad to hear that cheetahs (My FAVOURITE animal) and orangutans were endangered because of the palm oil.

Why were you learning it?
We learnt about cybersafety to always be safe online especially during the holidays without any supervision. We also learnt about the animals being endangered, so that we could help stop it by not shopping for things that contained palm oil.

How is that learning going to help you?
Cybersafety can help us in the future so that we will be very cautious about knowing who we are talking to and when to stop. Learning about the animals will help us in future, also because we could also help stop people from buying the palm oil by changing the ingredients.

What am I pleased about?
I am pleased about my work because I work very hard. I also am very proud in what I do as long as it has been finished. I put a lot of effort in all the work I do. Once I put my mind to one thing I feel like it must be done. That's why I am very proud to be a hard working student!

Who helped you in your learning?
My wonderful parents and amazing teacher helped me in my learning. Especially with homework and things I really needed help on. They always are there for me and have always been there to support me in all the work I do. They also encourage me a lot which really helps me improve.

What do I need help with?
I don’t think I need help on anything because everything I need to know has already been taught to me by my teacher. I have also learnt some of the Yr7 work which will really help me next year because I’m Yr6 turning to Yr7. The strategies my teacher has taught me will help me improve next year with everything I need to learn.

What do I want to learn next time?
I would like to learn about languages because I think that we can learn about all the cultures all over the world. If I got to pick a language I would pick Spanish or French. I would also love to do music and if I could pick one I would pick Violin.

The Four Winds Tagul

The Four Winds Document

(Questions and Answers)
Which wind did the bear take control of?
The bear took control of the northern wind.

Why did Ga-oh choose these particular assistants to manage the winds?
Ga-oh chose the Bear, Panther, Moose and Fawn because they were all very strong and had unique powers. He chose the bear because it was strong and its breath turns rivers into ice. he chose the Panther because it was fierce and powerful. He chose the Moose because it could bring rain and fog. Not only that but the moose could also bring drizzle and wet to the grey mists. Finally the Fawn, Ga-oh chose the fawn because it was soft and gentle it could also watch over the summer breeze.

Why did Ga-oh continue to hold onto the four leashes?
Ga-oh was still continuing to hold onto the four leashes because he wanted to protect the world from all dangerous and wild elements.

What does Ga-oh’s choice of animals tell you about each of the four winds?
These four winds or animals tell me that they care about our world and want to make it a more safer place to be in. It also shows how much they want to protect everyone from all the dangerous items.

What did Ga-oh mean when he said to Panther, Your breath can destroy the forests?
When Ga-oh said to the panther that his breath could dest, he meant that the Panther was so strong that he could destroy forests with his own breath.

Why are pieces of rock included in the illustrations on page 2?
There are pieces of rock because the bear was pushing the big great mountains out of his path so he could walk towards Ga-oh.

What are other animals that could have been used in this text to represent each of the four winds?
North Wind- Tiger, Gorilla, Rhino and Hyena
South Wind-Panda, Lamb, Dolphins and Deer
West Wind- Cheetah, Leopard, Golden Eagle, Shark and Elephant
East Wind- Antelope, Cows and Horses


Letter Complaint to Hershey's company

Hi Independent Directors of Hershey's,

I LOVE HERSHEYS chocolates. But just recently we have been studying about human rights. But your company is using 2 ingredients that are concerning the use of cocoa nibs and palm oil.     I would love to continue eating your chocolates but this is a serious issue for the orangutans and other animals. Please change your ingredients and take out the palm oil not only to help the animals but to stop letting people be concerned about their welfare.

Secondly I've heard that you have collected your cocoa nibs from the Ivory coast. In the Ivory coast is where children are being enslaved, abused and lastly child trafficking. This is another serious issue for the children. Do you care for little children who are doing the work for you? I am very sad because now I am very concerned for the children and the animals because of the main ingredient you use so cheaply. The cocoa nibs are against the children’s rights. They  need to have a voice, I am their voice of these children and animals that have  been ignored because of profit. So please change your ingredients because I respect your company and love your chocolates. Thank-you

Kind Regards,

Jesse Tree Week 3

We are learning about the events and prophecies of the Jesse tree.  We looked it up in a website and in groups we are understanding and knowing the meaning of the prophecy and its connection to the coming of Jesus.   Getting them from the website helped us understanding the meaning of Advent and Jesus second coming, as we prepare and stay focus on his messages.   

                                                         Jesse Tree Week 3
By:AJ, Faith and Ronan

Sunday: Elijah
Ornament: Stone Altar
Elijah Fights the False Gods
God now calls Elijah to confront Ahab and pagan gods. He is going into enemy territory: Jezebel is killing off the prophets of Israel. In spite of the danger, Elijah is not put off. When he meets with the king, Ahab called Elijah the “troubler of Israel.” Elijah responds by challenging the priests of Baal and Asherah to a contest with the God of Israel.
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Monday: Hezekiah
Ornament: An Empty Tent
Ahaz was not faithful to God, engaging in such contemptible practices as sacrificing one of his sons in the Canaanite way (2 Kings 16:1-4). When Ahaz died, he was replaced by his surviving son, Hezekiah. Hezekiah tried to make up for his father's unfaithfulness.
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Tuesday: Isaiah
Ornament: Fire Tongs with Hot Coal

Jesse Tree: CoalIsaiah and the Call to Holiness

In response, one of the seraphs flies to Isaiah with a live coal taken from the altar and touches his lips with it, declaring that his guilt has departed. Isaiah then hears the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” And Isaiah replies, “Here am I; send me!” (Isaiah 6:8).

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Wednesday: Jeremiah
Ornament: Tears


Jeremiah teaches that the people cannot pray faithfully if they continue to oppress the immigrants, the orphans, and the widows. They have to stop shedding innocent blood (some practiced human sacrifice), and they must act justly toward one another. “Here you are, trusting in deceptive words to no avail. Will you steal, murder, commit adultery, swear falsely, make offerings to Baal, and go after other gods that you have not known, and then come and stand before me in this house, which is called by my name, and say, ‘We are safe!'—only to go on doing all these abominations? Has this house, which is called by my name, become a den of robbers in your sight? You know, I too am watching, says the Lord” (Jeremiah 7:8-11).
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Thursday: Habakkuk
Ornament: Stone Watchtower
Habakkuk: Patient Waiting
Acknowledging that he does not understand God's will, Habakkuk stands ready to hear what God has planned. God assures Habakkuk that no matter what seems to be happening on the surface, God's ultimate plan for the Judeans who live in faithfulness will not be delayed. “For there is still a vision for the appointed time; it speaks of the end, and does not lie. If it seems to tarry, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay” (Habakkuk 2:3).
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Friday: Nehemiah
Ornament: City Wall
Nehemiah Reform and Renewal
Jesse Tree: City Wall
After persuading the king to let him return to Judah, Nehemiah was named governor and given permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. When he arrived in Jerusalem, Nehemiah rallied the people and rebuilt or restored the walls in fifty-two days. However, he realized that the people were spiritually lax and must also be rebuilt. Ezra read the Law to the people and helped them understand its demands.
Ezra and Nehemiah — Nehemiah 8-9
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Saturday: John the Baptist
Ornament: Scallop Shell

John the Baptist
Jesus had immense respect for John the Baptist saying, “among those born of women no one has arisen greater than John the Baptist” (Matthew 11:11). John was called by God to be a prophet and prepared himself to follow this call. Dedication to a goal means some reevaluation of priorities. John apparently wanted to be free of any obligations except getting ready to proclaim the coming of the Messiah. He wanted people to know that the time for the Messiah to come was near. This meant that their priorities in life needed to be reconsidered. When we realize that we are being called to a new life in Christ, we have to consider what sacrifices we are going to be called to make to change our lives. While we will not be called to the extremes that John the Baptist was, we also need to recognize that life has to be different if we are going to be faithfulJesse Tree: Shell
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Zoo-Fari Animals

Camp Video

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Influenza B

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What is Influenza B? How does Influenza B feel like? How do you know if you have Influenza B?

Influenza B is a virus that is now becoming very serious!! I’ve had this Virus my-self and it took 3-4 days until I felt better. My Aunt had this virus and was in hospital trying to fight that virus with all the germs in it.

This is how it feels and it's not a good feeling. Influenza B is being cured by doctors all over New Zealand. This Virus is a disease that is Contagious and any-one could catch it. The disease that some people have experienced might have had a sore stomach, headaches and more.

If you’re wondering how would you know if you had this virus? You would know when you're feeling very cold even though it’s very hot. You would start to sweat so it’s best to sleep under a sheet. Which will drop your temperature. Having this virus also includes yourself having a dry throat and having to cough a lot. To get rid of that sore, dry throat you will need to drink lots of water.

To make sure no-one else catches it you should never cough in front of others or even sneeze. Don’t go near others unless you want them to catch it, which I’m sure it is not a good thing to do because it could come right back to you.

This Virus is not a deadly virus but it’s a virus that you would want to get over immediately. Watch out for those who have this virus because once you get it you could have it for weeks or so.



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“Ho Ho Ho”. It's the start of the Christmas month well that's where I come from and I can’t wait until the day of christmas! You may think yeah because of all the present and gifts, but actually there is a different point on what christmas really means.

Christmas is the day of Jesus’s birth. The word “Christmas” is the celebration of the Nativity of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. To little kids it's all about the COOL and Amazing presents they get but they are just kids. You can change that and have a time to hope for Jesus to come to earth because he will and everyone knows he will.

You may want to sit down with your family but just remember the real meaning of what christmas is because there is no point in celebrating if you don’t know why? This day 25th of December only comes once a year so you may want to make the most of it for the reason you're celebrating it for. Which is for Christ’s death.

Jesus died to save our sins what a true hero! I don’t think I can and will ever do what he does for us because if he never died then our sins would never had been forgiven. So thanks to him we can ask God for his forgiveness for all the bad things we have done.

Today and in 22 more days (Not including the day of Christmas) is the day for you to prepare for what you're going to do in 23 days (Which is on Christmas). It’s the day that every-one should celebrate and after all it is summer! So it’s a beautiful season and a beautiful time to sit down and have a little feast.

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New Nike Shoes & Mcfly

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On the 21st of October the famous Mcfly travels for the fans of the old movie “Back to the Future”. During the movie, Mcfly has travelled back into the future to the place where his children are being born, in the Hill Valley of California.

Did you see those sneakers in “Back to the future”?  During this AMAZING celebration event, Nike has just released some new shoes which were in the movie “Back to the Future”. Although the ones McFly wear are just props! But the heels still lighted up in the movie. What is super cool that there is no battery that can sway down the leg because it is built in the shoe! The shoe can tighten and loosen.

Nike made these designs as a fictional one. Except the ones that Mcfly wear are not the ones that can tie laces by themselves. Although on the real shoes there is  a manual button to press  to allow to loosen or  to tighten. That was the only way to let the shoe do it's thing. Thanks to the amazing and creative designer Tinker Hatfield!!

People are inspired by McFly  wearing the first pair of the Nike Mag Sneakers. These shoes are very popular so they have to be SUPER expensive at the moment. Also selling these shoes are copyright so absolutely no-one can sell these shoes but only Nike. After the movie the shoes will be auction to sell the shoes. The shoes will be cheaper in a few years time.

Do you want to wait for years for these shoe costs to drop?  Do you think that it won’t be popular in about 2 years? Tell me your answers down below.

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Stingrays are very big and scary animals although stingrays can be kind to you if you do too. People think that Stingrays are like monsters that come to kill you when they have done nothing wrong!! Stingrays don’t only sting you because that is what all people think but actually they sting because they are just protecting themselves. Have you ever seen the true side of what stingrays really are?

A stingray is a type of fish and is a carnivore. The scientific name for Stingray is “Myliobatoidei”.Their lifespan is from 15-25 yrs. They weigh up to 350 kg (When adult). Stingrays sizing is about 6.5ft or 2m. Stingrays have big, wide and flat bodies so people don't really think of them as fish when they are fish.

Stingrays are like sharks but have a chance of stinging you until death so you may want to be careful around stingrays. Although Stingrays aren't that dangerous and all harmful so please don't blame these beautiful creatures. Think about it if a stingray had stung you then it would have been for a reason. So don't do silly things around creatures because you never know what they will do next.

These creatures eat a range of foods. The foods they eat are also all related to fish like shrimps, clams, small fish, sea worms and more. By moving stingrays move with their whole body which means they have no skeleton and makes them super flexible. When moving as a stingray they move in a wavy motion the way waves do in big oceans.

They breathe with their gills like normal fish do. Stingrays are calm and graceful animals and you need to help humans stay away from stingrays because of how painful the stinging from a stingray hurts. This is for the Stingray’s safety and our safety.


If your wondering why I have a dolphin and not a Stingray, Well it is because I chose the dolphin so it shows how Stingrays and Dolphins are kind of the same (Ocean Animals). Please also comment down below and check my blog for new updates in the year.

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Descendants Movie Review

Robotic Pets and Dream Catcher

WALT proofread and edit text by correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Normal one:
Robotic Pets My Opinion

Robotic pets, like cats and dogs are now availlable. But I think they should be banned. If a robotic pet are bought for a yung child it could teech him or her that pets can be ignored or mistreated whenever the childs mood changes. What would hapen if one day the child recieve a real pet He or she may treat it the same way.

Some robotic pets are used in nursing homes for eldely people who are unable to care for a real pet. I understand that this may give them some cumfort, but a robotic pet cant give you no love like a real animal can. I think nursing homes should has volunters who regularly brings in real pets for a few hours at a time insted.

The only positiv thing about robotic pets is that it might save some animals from being treated cruely by their owners. But the cost of robotic pets is still too high for most peoples bugjets.

Corrected one:
Robotic Pets : My Opinion

Robotic pets, like cats and dogs are now Available. But I think they should be banned. If a robotic pet is bought for a young child it could teach him or her that pets can be ignored or mistreated whenever the childs mood changes. What would happen if one day the child receive a real pet? He or her may treat it the same way.

Some robotic pets are used in nursing homes for elderly people who are unable to care for a real pet. I understand that this may give them some comfort, but a robotic pet can’t give you no love like a real animal can. I think nursing homes should have volunteers who regularly bring in real pets for a few hours at a time instead.

The only positive thing about robotic pets is that it might save some animals from being treated cruelly by their owners. But the cost of robotic pets is still too high for most people budgets.

Normal one:
Dream Catcher

Long ago Iktomi, the teacher of wisdem appeared two a Lakota elder. iktomi had taken the form of a spider. The spider tok a wooden hoop that the elder was carrying it then will start to spin a web in it.

The spider maid the web a perfect circle with a hole in the middle. It told the elder that webs like this wood help the Lakota people will reach their goals and make better use of there ideas and dreams. The webs would cach their good ideas and dreams and let the bad ones go straight threw the hole. The elder will take the web to his people and told them what the spider had sed the lakota people then made their own “dreem catchers”.

Tooday many native americans hang dream catchers above their beds too capture good dreams and ideas.

Corrected one:
Dream Catcher

Long ago Iktomi, the teacher of wisdom appeared to a Lakota elder. Iktomi had taken the form of a spider. The spider took a wooden hoop that the elder was carrying. It will then start to spin a web in it.

The spider made the web a perfect circle with a hole in the middle. It told the elder that webs like this would help the Lakota people reach their goals and make better use of their ideas and dreams. The webs would catch their good ideas and dreams and let the bad ones go straight through the hole. The elder will take the web to his people and tell them what the spider had said. The Lakota people then made their own “Dream catchers”.

Today many native Americans hang dream catchers above their beds to capture good dreams and ideas.


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Have you ever been to the wonderful country called Mexico? Do you know the population of Mexico? Do you know some famous places in Mexico that you would really love to visit? Well Mexico has a population of over 117 million. Wow that is a lot they are at rank 11 for the most people in one country.

The Capital of Mexico is Mexico City and there are about only 31 states in the big country of Mexico. In Mexico they have a president and there president is a man named “ Enrique Pena Nieto”. Mexico is the 14th LARGEST country in the world. That means that amazingly Mexico is quite a big country.

If the time in New Zealand was let's say about 6:25pm in Mexico their time would be 1:25am 21 hours behind New Zealand. To fly to Mexico from New Zealand it would take 1 whole day and that would take about 2 stops. This is quite a very long time up in the air in an airplane!

Mexico has a symbol meaning that their symbol is a Golden Eagle as you can see they have put it onto their flag. They put that Golden Eagle on because they say that the eagle has different components on the coat of it’s arms.

The main language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish. In Mexico there favourite sports is Football and they have hosted the summer olympics. Mexico has the most delicious foods including the big Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas. The highest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba.

In Mexico they make delicious foods and have the most beautiful views of beaches, islands and more! If you could visit this beautiful island what was the part you like most and what was the part that you think you would like to visit over and over again?


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