Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Goals

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What can I do?
I can multiply decimal numbers and other decimal problems. I can  do BEDMAS and can compute and solve  word problems. I can  representat data into graphs in Statistics.

What is my next goal?
My next goal is to learn/practice Ratio and Proportions, Fractions and work with some Algebra problems of Stage 6.

Writing:Stage:5B Score:38
What can I do?
I can think of good idea’s to put into my writing. I write with  good structure. I can organise my ideas in good flow.

What is my next goal?
Build my vocabulary and use new words to write my story.  Make more sense into my sentences, need to use  more punctuation like colon and semi-colon.

Reading Age:12.5,13.5
What can I do?
I can read fluently, I can also understand some particular words in sentences and paragraphs that I don’t know.

What is my next goal?
I need to work a lot on Vocabulary, Reorganization and Evaluation.


Yes I can write information on a specific topic. Which really helps if i'm on a test. It can also help by keeping up all my results.

Do I ask questions to Inquire?
Sometimes i ask questions because thinking of questions to a particular topic is a little hard for me.

Are my questions interesting and open-ended?
Well not always but I need to practice making my questions sound more interesting to engage the audience.

Do I know how to look and gather information?
Well yes and I can also think of many other information to put on each topic I am given. I can also take some information from the web and put it into my own words.

What do I need to do next time?
I need to keep writing to keep my vocabulary results up high and achieve them.


  1. Awesome goals Faith! You wrote it well. Keep up the great work and continue to do well in school.

  2. Thanks Maranita and continue to keep you scores high in every subject you do! Also continue to progress in learning.

  3. These are great goals that you have told us about.

  4. Hi Faith,
    Great Job, I really I like how you explained where to next and what you can do.
    I also really like your font and size.