Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Praying Hands

This is my prayer to God to thank him for forest.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Our trip to the marae

Te Tahawai Marae

We went on a trip to the marae as I walk out of the bus I see water edge school. Then we walk up to the Waharoa (gate) we wait there for a little while and get into our positions next there was a lady named Brenda welcoming us into the marae. 
As Brenda is welcoming us the girls who had to stand in the front sang the karanga. We walk past the Waharoa and we get close to Brenda she tells us “Can you please take your shoes off before you come in to the marae”, so we all take our shoes off. 
As I walk inside, the Marae looked beautiful there were their ancestors there were maori patterns on the wall there were flax weaving and more. The boys went and sit in the front and the girls went and sat at the back,Then they say a speech to us we respond back Then we give them a maori art for the koha (gift). 
They then sing to us we sing to them “Mo maria aiane”. After we had to do a hongi I felt weird to do it but then I got over it, brenda said to us “Please wash your hands the boys is on the 2nd left and the girls are on the 3rd left”, the toilets were very full. We went into the wharekai and sat down and said our prayers everyone had a biscuit and water. 
Next the yr7&8 went with the yr6 boys and the yr5 boys and girls went with the yr6 girls. There was a lady she told us about their ancestors then we touched the ancestors she told us to draw some of the patterns on the paper we were still drawing. Brenda said we had to come to her so the yr6&7&8 came to the lady and left Brenda. We walk to Brenda we had paper and drawn koru patterns for fathers day. We had to finish them up so I finished and she said to get 2 poi’s and she taught us a dance. Then we said goodbye and put our shoes back on, the bus was waiting for us. We jump on the bus and go back to school, I was happy to go to the marae.

By: Faith

Monday, 10 November 2014

Having lunch

Having Lunch

We all go outside and we are seated down onto the prickly grass under the shady trees enjoying our delicious lunch. Across Mission Bay was Rangitoto island. What a beautiful view to see all the way from here!
I feel the soft gentle breeze zoom across my face. I can smell the lovely juice the sisters are giving out. I can hear all the children screaming and playing, in different directions. I can hear the waves of the beautiful ocean splashing really loudly.

It is awesome how the sweet loving sisters are doing a lolly scramble. I can see children jumping and running to get lollies for themselves, and I can hear people saying “thank you” to the Josephite sisters. I got some lollies to share with my friends and myself. Mmmm…... how delicious the lollies tasted.

I hope to come back again. It is lovely how the Josephite sisters welcomed everyone. I can feel the love of St. Mary Mackillop flowing through their care and love.


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