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Wicked Witch of the singing sands

The Wicked Witch of the Singing Sands

There once lived a wicked witch who lived over the shiny singing sands. The singing sands warned the wicked witch of anyone coming. The wicked witch loved to steal children, thats why everyone feared her. The herdsman had three sons which he raised up himself because his wife died. He told his sons about the witch so they were careful but still he was worried. So he built a house in an acacia tree with a smooth trunk they put a rope ladder because that was there only way into the acacia tree. Each day he would tell his sons “ While I’m gone do not let ANYONE up into the house, you will know it’s me when I whistle 3 times”.

The three sons kept to the plan, until one day the wicked witch appeared!! The wicked witch said “Oh boys I will not hurt you just please pull the ladder down, I just want to look at your lovely acacia tree”. The boys didn’t listen to her because they didn’t hear the three whistles. So after a while there father (herdsman) came back and they told the herdsman about the old lady who came. The herdsman said “ I think it may have been the wicked witch of the singing sands”. The herdsman had warned his sons to remember, not to let anyone in the house but him. The wicked witch was behind the bush listening to everything they had just been talking about. The next day,the witch hid near the tree until the herdsman left for the day.

Then she quickly came out of her hiding spot and let out three shrill whistles the boys let the ladder down because they thought it was there father when its not. The witch climbed up the ladder and snatched the boys, which she tucked very hard under her arms. She rode quickly onto her hyena to her hut over the singing sands. The herdsman came back he saw nobody up in the house and the ladder swaying he checked properly but NOBODY was there.

The herdsman ran to the wise man begging him to help him find his boys and said “I think the wicked witch has stolen my sons if you don’t help me i’m sure you will break my heart”. The wise man said “ Listen very carefully there only one way to get your boys back you have to be really brave. You must kill the witch, and the only way to do that is to break her stick it contains all the power. You need this golden drum to walk across the singing sands then she won’t know anyone is coming to her. Disguised himself and off he went.

The herdsman patted the drum with his cloak he got to the witch’s hut and the witch had a big shock and said “Go away, Go away”. So the herdsman said “ Have you got some food I am very hungry”. The wicked witch said NO NOW GO AWAY! But when she saw the golden drum she said “ ooooooooooooo you can come inside I might have some delicious yummy tasty good great food”. So they went inside the hut and the herdsman saw his boys so when the witch of the singing sands wasn’t looking he went and snapped her stick and then the witch turned into dust. He saw his sons and grabbed them tightly. Now they don’t ever need to worry about that wicked witch ever again!!

The End

Sheep Powerpoint

Volcano Powerpoint

Volcano facts

Volcano Facts

What is a volcano?
A volcano is a mountain/hill or a opening in the Earth's crust, where the very hot liquid from deep in the Earth erupts to the surface.

Magma and Lava
When rock is between or beneath the Earth’s surface gets very hot, and it turns into molten or liquid. While it is still between or beneath the surface it’s called “magma”, and once the magma erupts to the surface through the volcano it’s called “lava”. The hotter the lava is, the further it will flow. Lava can be really hot, sometimes as hot as 1000 degrees C. Lava on the surface will stop flowing and will cool and harden up into rocks. Rocks that are formed from lava cooling are called “igneous rocks”. Some examples of igneous rocks include basalt and granite.

A volcano can be active, dormant, or even extinct. An active volcano is one that has recently erupted or is currently erupting. A dormant volcano is one that hasn’t erupted for a very long time. But is possible to still erupt. An extinct volcano is one that the scientist think will never ever erupt again.

Explosive Volcanism
Some kinds of volcanoes just sort of ooze out lava. This is generally when the lava gets thin. Other volcanoes have thicker lava then other volcanoes that can plug up the vent of the volcano. When this happens pressure which can build up over a long time. When the pressure gets too high the volcano can erupt a huge explosion. Huge amounts of the lava and ash can come out of the volcano.

Types of Volcanos
Some people usually think of volcanoes as tall mountains that are shaped as a cone, but however there are different types of volcanoes.

Cinder Volcanoes
These volcanoes are formed from particles and big blobs of lava which are thrown from a single vent at the very top. They generally don’t get taller than around 1,000 feet.

Composite Volcanoes
These volcanoes are also shaped as a cone, but are formed from big layers of lava over many years. They can grow into huge mountains over 8,000 feet tall.

Shield Volcanoes
They form from wide thin layers of lava that eventually are shaped as a shield.

Lava Domes
These are formed from thick lava which hardens right around the vent. They can sometimes form inside other volcanoes.

Interesting Facts about volcanoes
  • The tallest volcano we know of in the Solar System is on Mars. It is called Olympus Mons and is 17 miles tall.
  • A large volcano eruption can destroy an entire big forest
  • The largest volcano on earth is Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Island. The tallest is Mauna Kea which is right next to it.
  • The ash cloud from volcanoes can be dangerous. It can be harmful for people to breath and difficult for planes to fly through. A large ash cloud from Eyjafjallaj√∂kull, a volcano in Iceland, shut down most of the airports in Europe for several whole days
  • There are generally around 20 volcanoes erupting in the world at any given time.

Destruction caused by Volcanoes
It can cause earthquakes, fast floods, mud slides, and rock falls. Lava can travel really far which can burn, bury or damage anything in its way. Including people houses and trees, the large amount of dust and ash may cause roofs to fall down, which makes it very hard to breath and is very smelly. The ground is not secure and can cause big earthquakes.

Here are some of the active volcanoes:
Mount Fuji In Japan (last erupted in January 1 1708)
Mount Tambora In Indonesia (last erupted in April 10 1815)
Mount Pinatubo In Philippines (last erupted in  June 1991)
Mount St. Helens In United States (last erupted in July 22 1980)

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About the story:
This story is about a 10 year old flitterwig named Ella who saves a kingdom named ‘Magus’. But Ella has to find 5 sacred Dewdrops which can unfreeze the mirrors, along her adventure/ Journey she meets Pixies Elves and Goblins. Then she meets Dixon the rhyming pixie. Ever since these mirrors were frozen all the magical things were stuck onto earth!! Later on she meets her Goblin protector which his name was ‘Charlie Snoppit. Finally together they find the 5 sacred dewdrops and unfreeze the mirrors!

Recommending and Rating:
I recommend this book for 8+ and I rate this book 5 stars


Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s full name was Maria Salomea Sklodowska Curie. Marie Curie was born November 7th 1867, Warsaw,poland. She was married to Pierre Curie in July 1895, they had two daughters their names were Irene and Eve. Marie Curie was twice a winner of the nobel prize, she also was famous because of her achievements of chemistry and physics which won her the two nobel prizes. She was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation. Marie Curie studied at the university of paris in 1903,Marie Curie had 5 siblings Zofia, Bronia, Jozef, Helena and herself. Marie Curie died July 4th 1934 because of aplastic anemia a blood disease that often results from exposure to large amounts of radiation.

Tiger Son

Tiger Son

What is the story about?
The story is about a lady named Chen Ma she lived with her son inside a forest in the Shanxi Province. But her son had been separated from his Tigris hunters, after a while Chen ma
was frightened that her son had disappeared!! So she went to the magistrate and told them. The magistrate people killed the tiger who killed her son. Then they showed Chen ma the tigers cub and said “Kill him”. But Chen ma looked at his soft golden fur and said “They told me to kill you, to salt and smoke your flesh for my meat supply. Your cosy fur would give me warm boots, your bones are good for making tiger bone wine which would ease my joints. But I just can’t bear to kill you”. So Chen ma took the adorable cub to the magistrate and said “Please please please let me adopt this cub I already feel like he is my son”, the magistrate people said “Oh fine then but one day the tiger might kill you”. Chen ma said “It doesn't matter I am already old and ripe”. 

So they gave Chen ma an adoption paper to write the details about “Fuchee’’ ( meaning Tiger Son). Then she lead Fuchee back to their forest home but Fuchee was too playful whenever Fuchee plays around the hut starts to break so she took him to a cave to stay. 

After then when the little cub had grown up Chen ma would always sit down and Fuchee.  would have a present which would be a dead deer or a tree branch. Chen ma still treats Fuchee like her son is actually alive!! After Chen ma died because of a old age past one hundred, the hunters seemed to always see Fuchee guarding her tomb every night. They left him there to guard the tomb because he never attacked any humans or animals. This went on for a number of years and then one day Fuchee was never seen again.

The problem is that Chen ma was an old lady, and had to kill him for his cosy fur as her warm boots and his bones would be good for Tiger bone wine to ease my joint pains. But she just couldn't bear to kill him. The tiger hunters had their knives to kill the adorable cub but she didn't want him to die. So she went to the magistrate to tell them that she wanted to adopt it.

The magistrate said, “but one day the tiger might kill you” Chen ma said “I'm too old anyway and also he is my only family left my husband is gone and even my son”. All she had left was the tiger so they let her adopt it.


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My Praying Hands

This is my prayer to God to thank him for forest.

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Our trip to the marae

Te Tahawai Marae

We went on a trip to the marae as I walk out of the bus I see water edge school. Then we walk up to the Waharoa (gate) we wait there for a little while and get into our positions next there was a lady named Brenda welcoming us into the marae. 
As Brenda is welcoming us the girls who had to stand in the front sang the karanga. We walk past the Waharoa and we get close to Brenda she tells us “Can you please take your shoes off before you come in to the marae”, so we all take our shoes off. 
As I walk inside, the Marae looked beautiful there were their ancestors there were maori patterns on the wall there were flax weaving and more. The boys went and sit in the front and the girls went and sat at the back,Then they say a speech to us we respond back Then we give them a maori art for the koha (gift). 
They then sing to us we sing to them “Mo maria aiane”. After we had to do a hongi I felt weird to do it but then I got over it, brenda said to us “Please wash your hands the boys is on the 2nd left and the girls are on the 3rd left”, the toilets were very full. We went into the wharekai and sat down and said our prayers everyone had a biscuit and water. 
Next the yr7&8 went with the yr6 boys and the yr5 boys and girls went with the yr6 girls. There was a lady she told us about their ancestors then we touched the ancestors she told us to draw some of the patterns on the paper we were still drawing. Brenda said we had to come to her so the yr6&7&8 came to the lady and left Brenda. We walk to Brenda we had paper and drawn koru patterns for fathers day. We had to finish them up so I finished and she said to get 2 poi’s and she taught us a dance. Then we said goodbye and put our shoes back on, the bus was waiting for us. We jump on the bus and go back to school, I was happy to go to the marae.

By: Faith

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Having lunch

Having Lunch

We all go outside and we are seated down onto the prickly grass under the shady trees enjoying our delicious lunch. Across Mission Bay was Rangitoto island. What a beautiful view to see all the way from here!
I feel the soft gentle breeze zoom across my face. I can smell the lovely juice the sisters are giving out. I can hear all the children screaming and playing, in different directions. I can hear the waves of the beautiful ocean splashing really loudly.

It is awesome how the sweet loving sisters are doing a lolly scramble. I can see children jumping and running to get lollies for themselves, and I can hear people saying “thank you” to the Josephite sisters. I got some lollies to share with my friends and myself. Mmmm…... how delicious the lollies tasted.

I hope to come back again. It is lovely how the Josephite sisters welcomed everyone. I can feel the love of St. Mary Mackillop flowing through their care and love.


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Peace is when there is no war but a lot of love shared around us.

Peace looks like people working together.
Peace is as clean as white.
Peace sounds very calm and quiet.
Peace feels like laughter and people sharing.

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Government announces 5 new marines reserves

Government announces 5 new marines reserves

The Government has opened five new marine reserves on the West Coast of the South Island!! The marine reserves have been put in place to protect a range of marine physical environment for conversation, science and recreation. The marine reserves have been named- Kahurangi, Punakaiki, Waiau Glacier Coast, Tauparikaka and Hautai.

They are the first marine reserves on the West Coast outside of Fiordland. The marine reserves will protect some of the shore and seabed habitats of the special marine life such as Hector’s dolphins and blue penguins. Conservation Minister Nick Smith said “The reserves represent a great result for conversations on the West Coast.


Asteroid to pass close to New Zealand

Asteroid to pass close to New Zealand

NASA experts have said that a newly discovered asteroid flew close to earth early today. The asteroid was the size of a little house which flew directly over New Zealand!! Do not be alarmed because the 18m asteroid was over 40,000 kilometres away. That’s far away but in space that is rather close. The asteroid passed New Zealand at 6am in the morning. The asteroid was not visible to see by the naked eye, but amatuer astronomers were able to see it with telescopes.


Restaurants bans ketchup

Restaurants bans ketchup

If you are over 10 yrs old, then you are now banned from having ketchup with any meal at the Mad Fresh Bistro in Florida. The owner of the big restaurant, also the chief says he is so tired of customers asking for ketchup with their meal, especially with his burgers which he says that they do not need ketchup as they already have sauce on them. There is a warning on the website telling the customers that if they are over 10 yrs old, ketchup will not be provided for them. If that wasn't crazy enough for them, the restaurant also would not provide salt with meals too. Customers should trust the chief to provide what the dish needs before it is served to them. Many customers are unhappy with these new rules as they think they should have whatever they want with their food since they are paying for it.One customer tried to sneak ketchup into the restaurant and was kicked out!!

Would you ever eat at this restaurant?

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Book review1

Kitten Club Buster’s naughty tricks

About the story:
There is a girl named Lily and has a cat named Buster they are both in a club called “Kitten Club” but as Buster grows older he becomes very naughty, As the day passes by lily is auditioning for the last angel spot. She gets the last angel spot!! Lily gets her dress for the angel and she leaves it on her bed. Buster jumps on her bed and rips it up, lily is mad…… As lily gets an Idea her mum sews her dress back up. Lily calls her dad and he says he can't come, Lily gets very scared to do her performance she feels like she is going to faint. Lily's dad come and gives her a big shock she is very happy to see her dad her friends were there even her mum and DAD but at least she was happy.

I recommend this book for children 7+years and I rate this book 5 stars.

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Kakapos are cute, funny, cheeky and sweet. A Kakapo is a Maori word for “night parrot”.  Some kakapos can live for ninety years that is a very long time to live. But kakapos are endangered, kakapo are only found in New Zealand and there are less than ninety left. When a male Kakapo has fully grown they can be measured up to 60 centimetres, and weigh up to 4 kilograms but the female are usually smaller. Kakapo are herbivores because their favourite foods always includes berries. Especially berries from rimu trees, fruits, nuts mostly almonds, seeds, leaves, tussock, grass, fern roots and lastly moss. Long ago Kakapos did fly that’s why they still have wings but they don’t fly anymore. Most Kakapo eat a very special muesli made by DOC stuff. It’s important for Kakapo to stay healthy to breed and care for their young. Kakapo muesli contains flour, tapioca along with goodies like almonds, manuka honey and spirulina. This muesli is fed to Kakapo in the wild during spring and summer. Kakapo mothers feed their babies by swallowing the food and bringing it up later into their chicks mouths. DOC staff don’t do what the mothers do but instead they squirt food into the chicks mouths by using a tube and a syringe. Then they have to stroke the birds throats so the food can’t get stuck. Kakapo have green feathers which help them to hide in with the undergrowth, kakapo are a kind of parrot, but different from all the other parrots. The kakapo learnt to stay still so they wouldn't be seen by the giant eagle. The few Kakapo that remain live on two small islands Codfish Island (Whenua Hou) and also Anchor Island. They are now protected by the national Kakapo team.

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My Comment to Kaydence

I chose Kaydence's Blog because she is very good at writing and reading and she had interesting words in her book review.

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Life on a dairy farm.

Life on a dairy farm

When a mother is giving birth to a calve they lie down or sometimes stand up. When the mother has given birth the calve quickly pops out. The calf is taken to a warm shed were the other calves are.

Calves are always hungry in the shed. Calves can be very greedy also want to be first and want to have some milk.. When calves get older they always nibble on grass and are feed less on milk. They drink fresh and clean water.

Young calves have very small horns. Their horns are removed or disbudded by very hot iron. They are injected so that they do not endanger or hurt other calves.

Farmers keep the best female calves to become a heifer which these cows would always produce milk. Heifer cows a dairy farm make 20,000 litres of milk a year but the male cattle have to be slaughtered for beef. The farmer keeps the best bull for breeding.

of a domestic cow is about

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Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s full name was Maria Salomea Sklodowska Curie. Marie Curie was born November 7th 1867, Warsaw,poland. She was married to Pierre Curie in July 1895, they had two daughters their names were Irene and Eve. Marie Curie was twice a winner of the nobel prize, she also was famous because of her achievements of chemistry and physics which won her the two nobel prizes. She was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation. Marie Curie studied at the university of paris in 1903,Marie Curie had 5 siblings Zofia, Bronia, Jozef, Helena and herself. Marie Curie died July 4th 1934 because of aplastic anemia a blood disease that often results from exposure to large amounts of radiation.

Flying Ostrich

How to put ostrich
bones together

Ostrich bones are not that easy to put together so here are 9 easy instructions to show you how. This is how to construct and assemble ostrich bones.

Step 1:Wait until the flesh is off.

Step 2:Wash and scrub the bones with a toothbrush.

Step 3:Lay them down so they can be fully dry and bleach.

Step 4: Remember the body parts!

Step 5: Trace how you are going to put your bones together.

Step 6: Put the head first.

Step 7: Put the backbone second.

Step 8: Last put the legs together.

Step 9:  You can sell or put it in the museum to show what you have done.

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Butterflies In this world there are many strange insects, butterflies are one of them. They are wonderful fliers, and wonderful honey collectors. Butterflies have strange facts about themselves like they have holes along their sides to breathe, the holes are called spiracles. Also butterflies have patterns on their wings to scare off their predators. Butterflies have green blood, also they are cold blooded because of the air around them. When there wings are wet they wait until the sun warms them up then they would be able to fly again. If butterflies do not use their tongue they roll it up like a swirly straw. A butterfly has thousands of lenses in their eyes but us humans have only one. Butterflies are very gentle and would never hurt you because butterflies are very nice and gracious fliers. Butterflies can be very special.

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