Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Boy Bullied for amazing cause

Boy Bullied for amazing cause

A 8 year old boy named “Christian McPhilamy” has suffered 2 and a half years of bullying, just for letting his hair grow long for an amazing cause!

It all started when Christian McPhilamy was at the age of 6 and was inspired to begin growing his hair very long. Christian McPhilamy did that so he could donate it to St Jude Children’s Hospital where it is used for wigs and other things for children who are treated for cancer. When Christian McPhilamy was getting bullied he said all the teasing and bullying didn’t make him feel good or happy but he still continued to participate in doing his goal.

Christian was teased and bullied by other children calling him a girl just because he had long blonde hair. Adults, Teachers and other Parents tried and tried to persuade him to cut his hair. Some people gave money so he could cut his long blonde hair although the adults, teachers and parents didn’t know about his cause and his goal of donating his hair so they apologised.   

This year 2015 he managed to donate four 10 inches of ponytails. Way to go Christian McPhilamy! You have completed a goal you are a brave and adventurous young boy. Never give up on the rest of your goals Christian and Keep it up!



  1. Hi Faith,
    This is a well written explanation on the article about Christian! I am amazed that he was inspired to grow his hair long! Well done Faith! Keep it up! :D

  2. Great explanation on the article about Christian! I am stunned that this boy is keen to grow his hair, as long as a girl. Well done!
    Keep it up!

    From Amy