Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Secret Garden Book review 8

The Secret Garden

This book is about a girl named “Mary Lennox”. Mary was spoiled and didn't have any friends.
Mary lives in India with her parents and her parents just don’t care about her. Her mother only cares about parties and looking pretty and beautiful. One day, there was one party that her parents attended and they left Mary with her ayahs. After that party there was a disease and her parents died and everyone else who attended to the party died too. Mary didn’t catch the disease at all she was all alone in her room. Her ayahs died too for they were outside laughing and doing their own thing. 
When the disease had stopped spreading some investigators went to her house to see if there were any survivors. They went into Mary’s room and found Mary just standing there. The investigators tried to look for other relative’s of her and they found one with a family of two children and two parents, mary was sent to their house for them to look after for a while. The family of four were in England. In the family of four one of the children were named “Basil”. Basil was very annoying he would always tease her by saying “Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells, and pretty maids all in a row”. Then she had to move to her uncle’s house which was a mansion. In her uncle’s garden, she finds a secret passageway with the help of a Robin.
In the ground she found the key to that secret garden. In the secret garden, she found dead plants and a swing. Then she made it look all pretty again. Except that secret garden was forbidden because the swing broke and that was how her uncle’s wife died. Her Uncle didn't want to see Mary’s face ever again for she looked like her uncle’s wife. In the end Mary feels happy and finds a good friend named “Dicken”. Then Mary helps her cousin to get rid of his sickness and walk.

I recommend this for ages 8-12 because this is a very big book but kind of easy to read. I think those ages will be suitable for this book. I rate this a 9/10 and encourage people to read this. I think people who love to read books will really love this.

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  1. Great review..... thanks for proofreading and editing some mistakes. I'd like to see how you could present this review in a different way. I am thrilled of some of your work presentation maybe you could do some of this to your book review---- book trailer, or book track perhaps just a suggestion-- your choice my dear.

  2. Ok I think I will do book track. Thanks Mrs Cochrane