Monday, 10 November 2014

Having lunch

Having Lunch

We all go outside and we are seated down onto the prickly grass under the shady trees enjoying our delicious lunch. Across Mission Bay was Rangitoto island. What a beautiful view to see all the way from here!
I feel the soft gentle breeze zoom across my face. I can smell the lovely juice the sisters are giving out. I can hear all the children screaming and playing, in different directions. I can hear the waves of the beautiful ocean splashing really loudly.

It is awesome how the sweet loving sisters are doing a lolly scramble. I can see children jumping and running to get lollies for themselves, and I can hear people saying “thank you” to the Josephite sisters. I got some lollies to share with my friends and myself. Mmmm…... how delicious the lollies tasted.

I hope to come back again. It is lovely how the Josephite sisters welcomed everyone. I can feel the love of St. Mary Mackillop flowing through their care and love.


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