Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Restaurants bans ketchup

Restaurants bans ketchup

If you are over 10 yrs old, then you are now banned from having ketchup with any meal at the Mad Fresh Bistro in Florida. The owner of the big restaurant, also the chief says he is so tired of customers asking for ketchup with their meal, especially with his burgers which he says that they do not need ketchup as they already have sauce on them. There is a warning on the website telling the customers that if they are over 10 yrs old, ketchup will not be provided for them. If that wasn't crazy enough for them, the restaurant also would not provide salt with meals too. Customers should trust the chief to provide what the dish needs before it is served to them. Many customers are unhappy with these new rules as they think they should have whatever they want with their food since they are paying for it.One customer tried to sneak ketchup into the restaurant and was kicked out!!

Would you ever eat at this restaurant?

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