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Where does a Kowhai tree grow?
Kowhai is a well known New Zealand flower. The Kowhai tree doesn’t always grow in New Zealand, it also grows in Chile and also on the Gough Island in the South Atlantic. Kowhai is also found in streams, rivers and in forests.

What does a Kowhai tree look like?
Kowhai looks like bright yellow flowers. Which mostly appear in spring, the pods contain 6 or more seeds inside. A Kowhai tree can grow into a little tree about 10 metres tall. The nectar of the Kowhai tree is one of tui and wood pigeon’s favourite food. The Kowhai tree will start to lose their green leaves during winter.

How tall can Kowhai trees grow?
A Kowhai tree can grow into a little tree about 10 metres tall.

How do Kowhai trees sense?
When Kowhai tree’s sense danger they close up there bright yellow flowers.

How long does it take for a Kowhai tree to grow?
A Kowhai tree takes about 3-5 years until it is fully grown.

How does Kowhai trees move?
It is normal for plant to move closer to the sun to get more energy.

Are Kowhai trees poisonous?
Yes it is poisonous but only if you eat the seeds and berries. They are mostly poisonous to humans.

How did the Kowhai tree get it’s name?
The Kowhai tree got it’s name from the maori word yellow which was Kowhai because of it’s bright yellow flowers.

Fun Facts!
  • The Maori people use the Kowhai tree as a medicine
  • There are about 8 different species on the Kowhai Tree S.Chathamica, S. Fulvida, S. Godley, S. Longicarinata, S. Microphylla, S. Molloyi, S. Prostrata, S.Tetraptera
  • Kowhai Tree grows 40 feet high
  • The Bright Yellow Flowers attract many birds

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