Friday, 27 March 2015

Glass Bottles Recycling

Recycling Glass Bottles

I wonder what happens once I put a empty Glass into a Recycling bin? Silica Sand helps to make new glass bottles. The silica sand would be melted to a very high temperature. Recycled glass bottles are made all in a same, simple way. But except the cost is very little, and it will use up fewer of the natural resources.

Recycling glass bottles would start when people take their used jars and bottles to the recycling bin. Then the recycled bottles and jars would be sent to the lorry and to the recycling plant. At the recycling plant lids and bottletops from the jars and bottles are taken off. After then the glass is crushed into little pieces.

The crushed glass is sent by the lorry and to a bottle factory. Then here is where silica sand gets mixed. It should then be melted in a furnace at a very low temperature then made into new glass bottles.

Finally the hot liquid glass is pulled out of the furnace and given to the missionary that will make bottles. Recycled glass is better and as pure as new glass. Glass can be recycled and remade in a cycle. Without losing it’s quality.


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