Thursday, 17 September 2015

Can Drive Mufti Day!

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Have you heard about the Can Drive Mufti day? Did you know it’s happening tomorrow? Do you know what this day is for? Well first of all this day is celebrated by many schools. This day was made for all those kids who have cancer and for the kids in plunket.

If you're wondering what do you do at the can drive mufti day? I have your answer and that answer is that you must bring a can of something, that can be put inside a cupboard that won’t go off. For e.g: Baked Beans, Spaghetti, Tuna, Corn and more.

Once you have brought a can of food you get to wear MUFTI! How fun is that you helping the kids and then you getting to wear whatever you want. If you want to help even more you could bring 2 cans because it is always nice to give a little more than you should.

These children are children they may be ages younger than you and this is a special day for them because you are helping out. When you help out it shows your kindness. If you want to help out even more you can donate some money or anything.

Helping these kids by giving food, money and more would really help. You could also pray for them. These children are suffering from cancer and they really need your help! They need you and it's your turn to help them out. How would you like to help these kids out? How would you feel having cancer? Why won't you try being in their shoes?


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  1. Great reflection on the Can day Faith. We surely did well and everyone contributed and brought a can for the day. These food are not for the cancer children but for those in our community who need help and support. Our parish help a lot of family in our community. As a parish school we have to help the children and families of our parish-- this is SERVICE in action. Thank you for
    the effort of writing up a reflection, next time I will leave a comment on your blog. 😘 😌

  2. Oh ok thanks but I thought it was for the cancer children because that was what it said on the plunket site.

    1. Thanks you Mrs Cochrane for commenting on my blog though. Also please keep visiting my blog. Thank-you