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Columbia (South America)

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Have you ever been to the Moloka Museum or to the beautiful Tequendama falls? Well in Columbia you could go to those awesome places! In Columbia it is located in the south of America. In Columbia the population is 48.32 million that is a lot of people in one country. Columbia is a country surrounded by Venezuela and Brazil.

The capital of Columbia is Santa Fe de Bogota. In Colombia their official language would be Spanish, and the president of Columbia is the famous Juan Manuel Santos who is now 64. Only 99% of the people speak the official language in Columbia. Columbia is the only South American Country that has a boundary line,  across and  around the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

The most stands with fruit and juices are found in Columbia. Columbia is one of the world’s best countries selling the best coffees. In Columbia they have a popular sport, that nearly everyone in their country has picked which is football. There are also other popular sports including Roller-Skating, Baseball, Weightlifting, Boxing, Cycling and Motorsport.
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In Columbia they have a very traditional sport which is called Tego. Columbians Economy is the fourth largest! If today the date and time was Date:Tuesday 15th of September Time: 8:37am,  in Columbia it would be Date: Monday 14th of September Time: 3:37pm. So that means that Columbia is one day behind New Zealand and New Zealand is 7 hours behind Columbia.

For breakfast Colombians eat Changua which is a milk soup with eggs. In Columbia lunch is like a 3 course menu meaning it has main course, soup and dessert. Wow that is a very big lunch! Columbia is a great place where you can buy some snacks in the best stalls.

In Columbia there are many great and AMAZING places to visit. Including Aburra valley and the tall skyscraper called Torre Colpatria Bogotá. Columbia has the best food and awesome sport. You can even look for these places and If you like any of these places which was your favourite?

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