Friday, 27 March 2015

Contaminated Water

Contaminated Water Is It Good or Bad?

I wonder if the water we are drinking is Good or Bad? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world was filled with contaminated water? Why do we have to have unclean water? We are drinking the same dirty water except, it is just being cleaned with chlorine. So the water we are drinking is contaminated! It is causing and effecting many things.

Like litter just being thrown in the drain, killing and choking our marine animals because they think it’s food even the whales! If our whales are killed there will be plankton everywhere in the sea, then you wouldn’t be able to swim. Litter would go down the drain to the reservoir where they clean the water we drink.

The other problem is pesticides, people are using special spray to keep bugs away. All the chemicals that are in the spray get washed away by the rain and to the reservoir. Plants getting washed away too and even dying! The reservoir is giving us diseases, bacteria and virus in our water.

Another problem is cattle waste a cow poops on the farm and farmers put the cow’s poop down the drain and to the water waste. Then to the reservoir.

Contaminated water has another problem, which is acid rain where the contaminated water is going up to the clouds and rains down. The rain that pours down will make you itchy because of the contaminated water.

The last problem is oil spill people are taking their boats which are powered by engines. If the oil spills out then it would kill our marine life animals and they will all die. So basically Litter and Oil spill are a problem for our marine animals!

We need to help stop throwing things in the drain so the water we drink will be pure clean. So think about it no more marine animals will choke or die and they will be safe. So no more extinction. Not only that but the whole world would be safe! Who would want to drink or swim in contaminated water? Who wants to help stop littering? Who wants to help the world? Who would want dirty water in a glass?


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