Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Hippo Fossils

Hippo Fossils

The researchers have long suspected that the hippos developed from a family of plan-eating. They couldn't confirm it because it was discovered 15 million years ago.

Lihoreau and his team wanted to search for hippo fossils because they wanted to find a jaw, that became to be from an anthracotheres mammal. The teeth are so helpful because the molar patterns were so different. It made a connection from ancient-animals to modern- day animals.

The ancient hippo weighs no more than 220 pounds. They were related to the whales because of all there time they had spent in the water.

Lihoreau called the hippos the real Africa mammal because it is the only animal that is a true  African animal. Because it wasn't brought from other countries. Like the lions, zebras and antelopes which were brought from Asia.

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