Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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Stingrays are very big and scary animals although stingrays can be kind to you if you do too. People think that Stingrays are like monsters that come to kill you when they have done nothing wrong!! Stingrays don’t only sting you because that is what all people think but actually they sting because they are just protecting themselves. Have you ever seen the true side of what stingrays really are?

A stingray is a type of fish and is a carnivore. The scientific name for Stingray is “Myliobatoidei”.Their lifespan is from 15-25 yrs. They weigh up to 350 kg (When adult). Stingrays sizing is about 6.5ft or 2m. Stingrays have big, wide and flat bodies so people don't really think of them as fish when they are fish.

Stingrays are like sharks but have a chance of stinging you until death so you may want to be careful around stingrays. Although Stingrays aren't that dangerous and all harmful so please don't blame these beautiful creatures. Think about it if a stingray had stung you then it would have been for a reason. So don't do silly things around creatures because you never know what they will do next.

These creatures eat a range of foods. The foods they eat are also all related to fish like shrimps, clams, small fish, sea worms and more. By moving stingrays move with their whole body which means they have no skeleton and makes them super flexible. When moving as a stingray they move in a wavy motion the way waves do in big oceans.

They breathe with their gills like normal fish do. Stingrays are calm and graceful animals and you need to help humans stay away from stingrays because of how painful the stinging from a stingray hurts. This is for the Stingray’s safety and our safety.


If your wondering why I have a dolphin and not a Stingray, Well it is because I chose the dolphin so it shows how Stingrays and Dolphins are kind of the same (Ocean Animals). Please also comment down below and check my blog for new updates in the year.

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