Friday, 4 March 2016

Chinese Cinderella

Title: Chinese Cinderella
Author: Adeline Yen Mah
Setting:This takes place in Tianjin China where Adeline was born.
Characters: Adeline Yen Mah, Aunt Baba and Niang
Development: Adeline Yen Mah’s mother had died after giving birth to her beautiful young daughter. With her mother dead her family considered her as bad luck and which it was hard for her to be accepted in the family. Her father remarried to a cruel lady named Niang and her sister was getting married very young! Everything in her life was a bit crazy and she didn’t feel very loved and cared for. The only one who really loved her and cared for her was her Aunt Baba. Aunt Baba was like a second mother to her and to that they loved eachother very much. Except all that was in Adeline’s mind was one special question “What did my mama look like”?
What I enjoyed?
I enjoyed the part when she receives a letter from her Aunt Baba after so many years. Which made Adeline Yen Mah so proud to hear from her.
Was It Special?
It is a special story because it's about someone's life being so miserable and then turning into one good Chinese Cinderella. I also like how it is a true story and that she wrote it for the children that were unloved and neglected
Was It Emotional?
Indeed it was I cried once while reading the part when her dog kills her duckling which was the only pet she had and it was all gone.
Words to describe this Book:
Intense, Inspirational, Exciting, Terrifying, Violent and Fascinating
Who is the book suitable for?
I would say it is suitable for ages 11+ because some parts are very violent and also some parts have very hard words to understand and pronounce.
Rating: I rate this a 10/10.
By Faith

We have been doing a Review on one of our favourite books and mine is Chinese Cinderella. We did this because it is book week and we wanted to do something for this special week. Hope you enjoy and please comment down below. Thank-you

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