Monday, 1 December 2014

Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Marie Curie’s full name was Maria Salomea Sklodowska Curie. Marie Curie was born November 7th 1867, Warsaw,poland. She was married to Pierre Curie in July 1895, they had two daughters their names were Irene and Eve. Marie Curie was twice a winner of the nobel prize, she also was famous because of her achievements of chemistry and physics which won her the two nobel prizes. She was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation. Marie Curie studied at the university of paris in 1903,Marie Curie had 5 siblings Zofia, Bronia, Jozef, Helena and herself. Marie Curie died July 4th 1934 because of aplastic anemia a blood disease that often results from exposure to large amounts of radiation.

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