Monday, 1 December 2014

Tiger Son

Tiger Son

What is the story about?
The story is about a lady named Chen Ma she lived with her son inside a forest in the Shanxi Province. But her son had been separated from his Tigris hunters, after a while Chen ma
was frightened that her son had disappeared!! So she went to the magistrate and told them. The magistrate people killed the tiger who killed her son. Then they showed Chen ma the tigers cub and said “Kill him”. But Chen ma looked at his soft golden fur and said “They told me to kill you, to salt and smoke your flesh for my meat supply. Your cosy fur would give me warm boots, your bones are good for making tiger bone wine which would ease my joints. But I just can’t bear to kill you”. So Chen ma took the adorable cub to the magistrate and said “Please please please let me adopt this cub I already feel like he is my son”, the magistrate people said “Oh fine then but one day the tiger might kill you”. Chen ma said “It doesn't matter I am already old and ripe”. 

So they gave Chen ma an adoption paper to write the details about “Fuchee’’ ( meaning Tiger Son). Then she lead Fuchee back to their forest home but Fuchee was too playful whenever Fuchee plays around the hut starts to break so she took him to a cave to stay. 

After then when the little cub had grown up Chen ma would always sit down and Fuchee.  would have a present which would be a dead deer or a tree branch. Chen ma still treats Fuchee like her son is actually alive!! After Chen ma died because of a old age past one hundred, the hunters seemed to always see Fuchee guarding her tomb every night. They left him there to guard the tomb because he never attacked any humans or animals. This went on for a number of years and then one day Fuchee was never seen again.

The problem is that Chen ma was an old lady, and had to kill him for his cosy fur as her warm boots and his bones would be good for Tiger bone wine to ease my joint pains. But she just couldn't bear to kill him. The tiger hunters had their knives to kill the adorable cub but she didn't want him to die. So she went to the magistrate to tell them that she wanted to adopt it.

The magistrate said, “but one day the tiger might kill you” Chen ma said “I'm too old anyway and also he is my only family left my husband is gone and even my son”. All she had left was the tiger so they let her adopt it.


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