Friday, 19 June 2015

The Making of Chocolate

The Making of Chocolate

Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Butter

  1. The making of chocolate starts with the cocoa beans. These cocoa beans grow on cocoa trees and those cocoa trees are found in the warm regions. 70% of the cocoa beans grow in West Africa.
  2. These cocoa beans are then gathered to dry in the sun so the beans can help to have its flavour for the chocolate.
  3. When the beans arrive to the correct destination it gets blended, cleaned and then dried. When the Cocoa Beans become dry the shells come off and leaves the nibs behind which that is the raw ingredient of chocolate.
  4. The raw ingredient (Nibs) is then grounded into the liquid cocoa mass. The mass is made into the cocoa powder and cocoa butter.
  5. Sugar, Milk and Lecithin are included so all the ingredients are mixed together and  poured into the set of rollers.
  6. Conching is the last step. The ingredients are mixed into one large tank.
  7. Then that mixture is used to make it into blocks, bars or chocolate drops and more..
  8. The chocolate is then heated in a process which is called “Tempering” and is poured to make solid, caramel, cream and more..


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