Monday, 1 June 2015

My Grandma


My Grandma is my hero. She has always been there for me and still has. My Grandma always has a helping hand and one big smile. She taught me something which was to love, share and always be kind not only to her but to everyone. She would always help me in my school-work. She was a teacher that taught me a lot of things. She was a nurse that would run and get the first aid kit even if it was just a little scrape. My Grandma does all those things and even more because she cares for me and loves me.

My Grandma loves going into the city and so do I, we go into the city and have lunch, go onto fares, watch the boats, go shopping and go to church. My Grandma is the best Grandma that I could have ever had and no-one can replace her. She is so loving, kind, generous,  trustworthy, polite and wise.  I thank my Grandma for everything that she has done, for helping others, for being respectful and for just always telling the truth. She would never break a promise or even lie. She has a big great smile that  I would love to see everyday and which I can. I thank God for my Grandma and thank him for giving me such a kind and wise one. Thank-you Grandma for everything. I love you Grandma from the bottom of my heart.


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