Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My Monster

Screenshot 2015-05-18 at 14.00.11.pngMy Monster 

Dragon’s Name: Azolia

Dragon’s Gender: Boy
Date of Birth (D.O.B): 10/12/2013 10th December 2013
Favourite Food: Azolia eats fruits and vegetables and he detests chips
Favourite Drink: Water and L&P mostly L&P
Favourite Colour: Red, Blue and Silver
Favourite Place: Denny’s
Favourite Game: Hide and Scare
Where He lives: Deep down a Volcano
Hobby: Drawing
Siblings: Flordia (Sister), Volia(Sister), Quallia(Sister), Lilla (Sister), Flamer (Brother), Yolui(Brother), Wulga (Brother), Blazer (Brother), Kuizly (Brother), Doraphy (Sister), Denice (Sister), Salite (Sister), Yaeli(Sister)
Parents: Dad-Srater, Mum-Adorza
Pet: Floomy (Baby Owl)   
Favourite Season: Winter

Describing Azolia:

His Behaviour: When he is sad he does an adorable puppy face and no-one can say no to that, when he does the cute puppy face he then makes the world rain. When he is happy he fly’s very very high in the sky then he swoops back to the ground, and does his favourite dance movement he calls it the “Swoopinker” (Sprinkler). When he is shy he camouflages to the closest thing near him.

Habitat: He lives deep down a volcano which has a little cave and he hides in there, and sometimes eats in there his other siblings love to swim in the lava and sometimes sleep. When he is scared he appears at my front door. Then he hides in my closet which then I give him some of my left overs from dinner which are mostly vegetables.

Salient Features: He has adorable blue eyes and small feet. He has ticklish hands that can make you laugh for nearly a whole entire year. He has small horns that aren’t yet fully grown.

How he moves: He moves with his feet an inch higher than the usual ground and then he glides across the sky. He swings his tiny arms up and down and loves to jog all around.

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