Monday, 7 December 2015

Letter Complaint to Hershey's company

Hi Independent Directors of Hershey's,

I LOVE HERSHEYS chocolates. But just recently we have been studying about human rights. But your company is using 2 ingredients that are concerning the use of cocoa nibs and palm oil.     I would love to continue eating your chocolates but this is a serious issue for the orangutans and other animals. Please change your ingredients and take out the palm oil not only to help the animals but to stop letting people be concerned about their welfare.

Secondly I've heard that you have collected your cocoa nibs from the Ivory coast. In the Ivory coast is where children are being enslaved, abused and lastly child trafficking. This is another serious issue for the children. Do you care for little children who are doing the work for you? I am very sad because now I am very concerned for the children and the animals because of the main ingredient you use so cheaply. The cocoa nibs are against the children’s rights. They  need to have a voice, I am their voice of these children and animals that have  been ignored because of profit. So please change your ingredients because I respect your company and love your chocolates. Thank-you

Kind Regards,

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