Monday, 7 December 2015



What did I learn?
I learnt about Cybersafety and how we should never share information with strangers. I also learnt a lot about the animals and endangered animals during our amazing trip to the zoo. It was especially sad to hear that cheetahs (My FAVOURITE animal) and orangutans were endangered because of the palm oil.

Why were you learning it?
We learnt about cybersafety to always be safe online especially during the holidays without any supervision. We also learnt about the animals being endangered, so that we could help stop it by not shopping for things that contained palm oil.

How is that learning going to help you?
Cybersafety can help us in the future so that we will be very cautious about knowing who we are talking to and when to stop. Learning about the animals will help us in future, also because we could also help stop people from buying the palm oil by changing the ingredients.

What am I pleased about?
I am pleased about my work because I work very hard. I also am very proud in what I do as long as it has been finished. I put a lot of effort in all the work I do. Once I put my mind to one thing I feel like it must be done. That's why I am very proud to be a hard working student!

Who helped you in your learning?
My wonderful parents and amazing teacher helped me in my learning. Especially with homework and things I really needed help on. They always are there for me and have always been there to support me in all the work I do. They also encourage me a lot which really helps me improve.

What do I need help with?
I don’t think I need help on anything because everything I need to know has already been taught to me by my teacher. I have also learnt some of the Yr7 work which will really help me next year because I’m Yr6 turning to Yr7. The strategies my teacher has taught me will help me improve next year with everything I need to learn.

What do I want to learn next time?
I would like to learn about languages because I think that we can learn about all the cultures all over the world. If I got to pick a language I would pick Spanish or French. I would also love to do music and if I could pick one I would pick Violin.

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