Monday, 7 December 2015

The Four Winds Document

(Questions and Answers)
Which wind did the bear take control of?
The bear took control of the northern wind.

Why did Ga-oh choose these particular assistants to manage the winds?
Ga-oh chose the Bear, Panther, Moose and Fawn because they were all very strong and had unique powers. He chose the bear because it was strong and its breath turns rivers into ice. he chose the Panther because it was fierce and powerful. He chose the Moose because it could bring rain and fog. Not only that but the moose could also bring drizzle and wet to the grey mists. Finally the Fawn, Ga-oh chose the fawn because it was soft and gentle it could also watch over the summer breeze.

Why did Ga-oh continue to hold onto the four leashes?
Ga-oh was still continuing to hold onto the four leashes because he wanted to protect the world from all dangerous and wild elements.

What does Ga-oh’s choice of animals tell you about each of the four winds?
These four winds or animals tell me that they care about our world and want to make it a more safer place to be in. It also shows how much they want to protect everyone from all the dangerous items.

What did Ga-oh mean when he said to Panther, Your breath can destroy the forests?
When Ga-oh said to the panther that his breath could dest, he meant that the Panther was so strong that he could destroy forests with his own breath.

Why are pieces of rock included in the illustrations on page 2?
There are pieces of rock because the bear was pushing the big great mountains out of his path so he could walk towards Ga-oh.

What are other animals that could have been used in this text to represent each of the four winds?
North Wind- Tiger, Gorilla, Rhino and Hyena
South Wind-Panda, Lamb, Dolphins and Deer
West Wind- Cheetah, Leopard, Golden Eagle, Shark and Elephant
East Wind- Antelope, Cows and Horses


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