Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Influenza B

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What is Influenza B? How does Influenza B feel like? How do you know if you have Influenza B?

Influenza B is a virus that is now becoming very serious!! I’ve had this Virus my-self and it took 3-4 days until I felt better. My Aunt had this virus and was in hospital trying to fight that virus with all the germs in it.

This is how it feels and it's not a good feeling. Influenza B is being cured by doctors all over New Zealand. This Virus is a disease that is Contagious and any-one could catch it. The disease that some people have experienced might have had a sore stomach, headaches and more.

If you’re wondering how would you know if you had this virus? You would know when you're feeling very cold even though it’s very hot. You would start to sweat so it’s best to sleep under a sheet. Which will drop your temperature. Having this virus also includes yourself having a dry throat and having to cough a lot. To get rid of that sore, dry throat you will need to drink lots of water.

To make sure no-one else catches it you should never cough in front of others or even sneeze. Don’t go near others unless you want them to catch it, which I’m sure it is not a good thing to do because it could come right back to you.

This Virus is not a deadly virus but it’s a virus that you would want to get over immediately. Watch out for those who have this virus because once you get it you could have it for weeks or so.


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