Monday, 31 August 2015

Daffodil Day for the Cancer Society

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Have you seen those children with cancer and wondered if you could help them? Well lucky for you, there is a way to help because in New Zealand there is a charity for the cancer people and they are called the Cancer Society. On the 28th of August it was Daffodil day where people sell daffodil things to help fundraise, because these children have a chance of dying so that is why our scientists are now looking for a medicine to cure it. Daffodil day only happens once a year and you could make a use of it by donating a bit of money to help these children or giving a helping hand. If you want to give a helping hand then you can enroll a form for yourself and sell Daffodils for a cheap price which would really help, because the charity need people like you so that they have enough help to really fight for these children. People chose daffodils as a symbol because they thought that the bright yellow colour was a very appropriate one. Also they think that it represents, the hope that there is for the 1 in 3 New Zealand children with cancer.

If you would like to help these children by donating or giving a helping hand for next year 2016 here is a website down below. Although this isn’t an updated one but you can check it out and if you want to see the real website wait until next year on daffodil day and search up “Daffodil Day 2016”. Thank-you

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