Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Brown Kiwi

New Zealand Brown Kiwi

What is the population of a brown kiwi and where are they found?
The population of the north island brown kiwi is 25,000. Brown Kiwi’s are very common because of the amount of their population. The New Zealand kiwi is found in the lowland and coastal of the rain forests. They are also found in different areas of the north island.

What are some facts about their breeding?
Their breeding has made a world record for laying the largest sized eggs relating to their body size.

What does a brown kiwi bird eat?
The brown kiwi bird eats small seeds, grubs, worms. They also may eat fruit, small crayfish, eels and amphibians.

What are the threats of a brown kiwi?
Eggs: Pigs and Possums
Chicks: Stoats, Weasels and Ferrets
Young Kiwi: Rats, Cats and Ferrets
Adult Kiwi: Dogs, Ferrets, Traps and Vehicles

What does the brown kiwi look like?
The brown kiwi has a long sharp nose. It has a furry body and the colour is brown. It also has cute tiny feet.



  1. I like how you talk about kiwi and how what they look like what there threats are and all what you talk about.

  2. Thanks Otenili and I hope you'll visit my blog again for new updates.