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Have you ever been to the wonderful country called Mexico? Do you know the population of Mexico? Do you know some famous places in Mexico that you would really love to visit? Well Mexico has a population of over 117 million. Wow that is a lot they are at rank 11 for the most people in one country.

The Capital of Mexico is Mexico City and there are about only 31 states in the big country of Mexico. In Mexico they have a president and there president is a man named “ Enrique Pena Nieto”. Mexico is the 14th LARGEST country in the world. That means that amazingly Mexico is quite a big country.

If the time in New Zealand was let's say about 6:25pm in Mexico their time would be 1:25am 21 hours behind New Zealand. To fly to Mexico from New Zealand it would take 1 whole day and that would take about 2 stops. This is quite a very long time up in the air in an airplane!

Mexico has a symbol meaning that their symbol is a Golden Eagle as you can see they have put it onto their flag. They put that Golden Eagle on because they say that the eagle has different components on the coat of it’s arms.

The main language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish. In Mexico there favourite sports is Football and they have hosted the summer olympics. Mexico has the most delicious foods including the big Tacos, Burritos and Enchiladas. The highest mountain in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba.

In Mexico they make delicious foods and have the most beautiful views of beaches, islands and more! If you could visit this beautiful island what was the part you like most and what was the part that you think you would like to visit over and over again?


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  1. Great report on Mexico Faith! I learnt so much about Mexico!! Keep up the great work:)

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