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Child Labour

Child Labour

What is Child Labour?
Child Labour is something that keeps little children from ages 5-14 from going to school. Many countries having been making children leave school so that the children can work for them. 215 children have been illegally working for their countries. Children have been working different jobs to earn money, when they are actually not getting paid.

What countries are practicing these?
Countries all over the world are practicing these with children. Making them slaves and work during school time.

In what ways children are used in working?
People have seen little children fishing, mining and more. Many children have also been working as soldiers and have been trading drugs.

How are children protected against smugglers?
UNICEF are now taking care of all the children. In UNICEF it is their job to protect the children from being abused, slaves and more.

What are the impact of child labour to the family, community and to the child?
The effect happening is that it is not developing the family together or the community. This is why UNICEF is now trying to be a good community leader and stop the effect from happening to the children.

Are agencies making progress against Child Labour? How?
Agencies are making good progress against all the Child Labour this is because it has started ever since the year 2000-2012.



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