Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hong Kong

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Have you ever been to the Hong Kong Disney Land or to Victoria Peak?  Hong Kong is a city  in the Southeastern of China. The name “Hong Kong” means Fragrant Harbour. Before 1842, Hong Kong is known as Hakka meaning Little Hong Kong the place where the fishermen and British sailors had the war. This is a small inlet now known as Aberdeen Harbour.  

Hong Kong’s population is 7.188 million. To fly to Hong Kong from New Zealand it takes about 11 hours and 35 minutes. Wow that is pretty long up in air. In Hong Kong, if the time in New Zealand would be about 5:54pm in Hong Kong it would be 1:54pm. Hong Kong is 4 hours behind New Zealand time. Hong Kong used to be a British territory but now is a big China City.

Hong Kong is a very big and busy city to live in and also a lovely one. Hong Kong is about 1,092 square km. which means it is 6 times the size of Washington DC. The Languages spoken in Hong Kong are mostly Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese)  and English. If you lived in Hong Kong your nationality would then be Chinese or Hong Konger. Hong Kong's national symbol is the orchid tree flower.

Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers just like New York! In Hong Kong there is a festival they celebrate every year between April-May. This Festival is called a bun festival and it’s meant to keep the starving ghost from staying on their island. In the festival they have made a tower, which is made up of buns but is actually plastic instead of baked.

Hong Kong money is in rank 8 for having the most traded money in the world. In Hong Kong they mostly eat noodles and the noodles cost about $20 and tea is sometimes for free. Hong Kong people eat noodles mostly on birthday’s which means  to have a blessed and long life.

Living in Hong Kong is a beautiful place to be in due to its beautiful view of fireworks, skyscrapers, coloured lights, food, festivals and more.


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