Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Flag Debate

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Have you ever heard that New Zealand might change their flag? Well this is a very true fact and New Zealand is planning on changing it but do you think it should change? This is a big question for New Zealanders on if they want to have a brand new one or have the same old one?

This is a question where you need to decide and my opinion would be NOT to change the flag. Think about it we have represented this flag for years and years and now they're just going to suddenly change it? Well changing New Zealand’s flag is a big issue.

New Zealanders only want to change it because it looks exactly like the Australian’s Flag and people are getting confused. Is that really the only reason why they want to change the flag? Well we shouldn’t change it because it would also save a lot of money, instead of using all the money to buy a new flag when we already have one.

The New Zealand flag has been represented many times in the past and history. For example the Union Jack symbol represents how strong we stick together with the United Kingdom (UK). In the past, soldiers have also fought and died under our New Zealand flag. Which that brings a lot of history into New Zealand.

If you agree with me then that is great because you are accepting our flag for it’s uniqueness and for our history that the flag has had in the past years. If you don’t agree with me then which flag would you rather have?


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