Saturday, 26 September 2015

Eggs Questions and Answers


What do eggs contain?
Eggs contain Protein, Sodium, Nutrients, Cholesterol, Vitamins, Saturated fat, Riboflavin and Fatty acids.

What are the parts of egg?
Shell, Outer Membrane, Air Cell, Albumen, Chalaza, Vitelline Membrane, Inner Membrane and Germinal Disc.

What are the nutritional values we get from eggs?
Energy-628  Recommended Daily Intake: 6%
Protein-11.8  Recommended Daily Intake: 18%
Fat-11.4  Recommended Daily Intake: 17%
Saturated Fat-3.4  Recommended Daily Intake: 0%

Why is the cholesterol bad for our health?
Cholesterol is very bad for our health because it can give you a very low influence, as your blood levels have a lot of cholesterol. Eggs can also give you a bad heart disease.

What is Salmonella poisoning?
Salmonella is a poison that includes diarrhea and illness that can last for 4-7 days.  Salmonella is also a disease or bacteria.

What are the concerns and health risks that we get from eggs?
The concerns about eggs are that us humans could get heart disease just by eating one egg. You may have thought that eggs have lots of protein but you may have never heard about the risks you are really taking.


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