Thursday, 28 May 2015

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison2.jpgThomas Edison’s full name is Thomas Alva Edison. Thomas Edison was born on February 11th 1847, In Milan, Ohio, United States. Thomas had a very big achievement which was to create an electric light bulb and he did. He also had 6 children named Charles Edison(Son), Theodore Miller Edison (Son), Madeleine Edison(Daughter), Thomas Alva Edison. Jr(Son), Marion Estelle Edison(Daughter) and lastly William Leslie Edison (Son). His wife was Mary Stilwell but then he remarried to another lady named Mina Miller. His siblings are Marion Wallace Edison(Sister), Eliza Smith Edison (Sister), Carlile Snow Edison (Brother), William Pitt Edison (Brother), Harriett Ann(Sister), Samuel Ogden Edison (Brother).  He also won 10 awards which were Technical Grammy Awards, Grammy Trustees Awards, Congressional Gold Medal, Franklin Medal, John Fritz Medal, John Scottal Legacy Medal and Premium, Distinguished Service Medal, Matteucci medal, Rumford Prize and Edward Longstreth Medal. Thomas was the person who was making many devices that really helped others around the world and also influenced some people. Here are some of his inventions The phonograph, the motion picture camera and lastly a long lasting electric light bulb. There were also companies with Edison’s Name which are Edison General Electric, Commonwealth Edison which is now part of Exelon, Consolidated Edison, Edison International, Detroit Edison which is now a unit with/of DTE Energy, Edison S.p.A which is now a unit of Italenegia, Edison Electric Institute, Edison Portland Cement Company and Southern California Edison.

People should Thank Thomas Edison because he is an intelligent inventor and no-one can replace him. I think everyone should thank him because he invented the light bulbs and if their were no light bulbs invented you would be trying to see stuff in darkness and that is bad for your eyes because you are forcing your eyes to see. Light is what you need in the world so thank-you Thomas Edison. The world would be in darkness without you.

Sadly Thomas Edison has died at the age of 84 his death was at West Orange, New Jersey, U.S. Rest in Peace Thomas Edison.


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