Wednesday, 27 May 2015

George Devol

George Devol

George Devol was born in Louisville, Kentucky on February 20th 1912. George Devol was the first person to invent the industrial robot, what a big achievement!  When George Devol had made the industrial robot he got the patent for unimate award. When he received the patent for unimate award he became the president of Devol research. George Devol had resided in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and also in Wilton, Connecticut producing a robot business.

When Devol was a young boy he was interested in electrical and mechanical things like boats, engines and airplanes. He had experience from Riordan Prep. George Devol wasn’t really a school lover or into learning. Although he read all the books he could about mechanical devices and tried to find out how the devices were made he tried to find out, understand and know the answer.

As Devol went into business he was starting to form United Cinephone to build an area into a new film and new sound motion pictures called “talkies”. Later on as his business grew, Devol found out that the RCA and the Western Electrical were located near his working area. So the RCA and Western Electrical companies made a decision to not continue Devol’s product.

Devol had died on August 11 2011 at the age of 99. He died at Wilton Connecticut. If George Devol was still alive I would like to say to him “George Devol, well done on inventing something awesome you are very creative!’’.


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