Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Bio-security is a protection for our country’s economy, like pests and diseases eg. Poisonous spiders and Mosquitoes. They will protect us and our country by doing their job.

The central government is responsible for our border management. There are four Bio-security agencies. The MAF(Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) leads the Government’s Bio-security Programme. The DOC (Department of Conservation) manages weeds, animal pests, wildlife diseases, marine and freshwater environments. The MFish (Ministry of Fisheries) is no longer leading the Bio-security but still participate with strategic goals for the marine biosecurity. MOH (Ministry of Health).

Bio-security doesn't really help but in the end it does. Bio-security is what protects us from dangerous things that can enter our country and could harm or kill us. These things could be diseases, fruit flies and more. Thank-you Bio-security for keeping our country safe.

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