Monday, 25 May 2015

War and Peace

War or Peace?

Do you want war or do you want Peace? Does war settle our arguments and disagreements? Do you think war is good? Well I believe war is not the way to settling our arguments and disagreements. War is not a good thing for it sometimes means to soldier revenge and killing. War is like bullets flying everywhere then the next minute you have just been shot dead.

When I think of peace I see a beautiful pure white dove and everyone getting along and communicating properly. When I think of war I can just see blood and pain and can hear screams. Well peace is the key to happiness and that is what the world should have. If they want peace, give them peace because they want to live a lovely life not a life that involves guns and punching. War does not fix anything but peace does.

If you have war you might die if you have peace I’m positive you will have a great life that you may like better than a life in war. Think about it having war would be you shooting innocent people and then peace where you hear laughter and feel loved. Having peace and war together just doesn’t match and I want peace. War is Bad and Peace is Good. Peace is like God’s Kingdom,  he is loving, kind and a caring father to us all. How kind and loving God is that is how peace is like everyone would be talking politely and kindly there actions would be way better than actions in war. In war,  if you die wouldn’t your family be heartbroken? Well it's your decision, but if you do, then your family would wish you had never even gone to war and you had  stayed home. Except it was already too late. I believe everyone should have peace and no war for there lives may be at risk.


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