Monday, 25 May 2015



Have you ever wondered about all the teenagers and children getting bullied? What the teenagers and children go through? How could you help? Bullying is something you wouldn't want. Bullying is another person teasing, kicking or threatening another person. Bullying can keep others from coming to school because they are just too scared. Teenagers and kids are scared of walking into that door and getting punched and kicked from Monday-Friday so they skip school. Bullying can get very serious even if you didn't know that they would take it seriously. Some teenagers kill themselves because others are treating them differently and they don’t like it. “Treat others as you want to be treated” is what my Mum always tells me.

If you're a bully think about these questions. How would you like getting bullied from Monday-Friday? How would you like it if someone came up to you and grabbed you by the top of your shirt? I want everyone to just stop bullying if everyone would just stop bullying there would be Peace. I’m sure that is what everyone wants right? Bullying happens too many times and can cause a lot of lives at risk or at death. Bullying is not what God wants or even what the world wants. Pretend you're that child you are bullying and they come and just punch you, then BOOM you drop on the floor. How would you like getting messages, emails or texts saying how fat, stupid or ugly you are. If people are doing that to you ignore them everyone is beautiful but no-one is perfect. Everyone looks different and that is good thing or it would be silly for everyone to look exactly the same. Just keep saying to yourself you were born beautiful and ignore what others say about you.

If you see someone getting bullied go and help them don’t just stand there seeing them get hurt. If you are getting bullied and there is no-one to help you stand up for yourself and speak up. Tell them how you feel and how you don’t want them bullying you any-more. Tell them everything that they have done to you and ask them how would they like it if you did it to them?

Do you want bullying to stop? Do you want to help others? Do you want to help keep Peace?


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