Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Drama Queen Book review 6

Drama Queen

Screenshot 2015-05-09 at 20.06.45.pngThis book is about a girl named Emma. Emma is a young girl but a agent spy, someone has made the water pink and it's up to Emma to complete the mission. At home Emma finds her Diary full with mud and footprints that looked like it was from her brother’s soccer game. Emma is so mad and has to complete the mission at the same time. Emma talks with her mum and her mum says ”I think you were a little bit too harsh to him”. Emma says “Why are you on his side? He stepped all over my diary and now I can’t write in it any-more!”. Emma stomps upstairs to her room. Her mum comes in and says “I want you to apologize to your brother”. 

On the mission Emma goes to a new action movie where the stars and actors were rehearsing. Emma had these spy weapons which were a charm bracelet every charm had a letter which stands for “Clever Hidden Accessories”. Every charm was actually a spy gadget you just had to twist the charm and the charm would turn into a spy equipment. E.G: Listening device, a charm to attack dangerous animals, charms to distract animals and more. 

The charms really helped Emma in other missions. Emma entered the movie stage and saw bottles that were pink, orange and  blue. Emma uses her X-ray to zoom in and she see’s a letter S. As Emma zooms in even more she can see the bottles which looked like perfume bottles she could also see that the bottles were full of tiny balls! In the end KM12 a spy agent helped Emma to complete the mission. At home Emma fixes the problem with her and her brother and they apologized to each other.

I recommend this book for 7-10 because this book is a very easy book but very interesting book.   

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