Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Heidi Book Review 4


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This book is about a young girl named Heidi. She lived with with her Aunty because her mother and father had passed away. Heidi’s Aunt wanted to give her to her Grandfather but her grandfather did not like her at all. Heidi’s grandfather didn't want her to stay with him. He didn't even want to look after her. As Heidi grows up with her grandfather he starts to like her. Heidi finds a friend named Peter which is a goat boy. Heidi loved staying with her Grandfather and she thought it was really fun, except when Aunt came and said “I knew I shouldn't have given you to your Grandfather!”. Heidi’s Aunt was very angry because Heidi didn't want to leave. She loved the way her Grandfather was nice to her and she loved her Grandfather very much. Heidi goes with her Aunt to her company because her Aunt wanted her. Heidi says “One day I will meet my grandfather again”.

I recommend this book for ages 7+. This is such a good book but it is really easy to read. This book will be great for people who just love to read anything!


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