Monday, 25 May 2015

Anzac Day


Anzac Soldiers

The events are still important today because when the war had happened it was when Australia had just became a federal commonwealth. It is important today because many people were encouraged to remember all women and men who have died for their own country. They have represented their  country very well so they will never be forgotten.

They dressed by wearing a hat, hat badge, collar badge, Puttee, Pugarees, Tunic, Belt and a riffle. They wore Puttee to keep their legs cozy and warm especially during the cold weather. They used them to avoid the saddles. The boots helped keep their feet warm.

They ate hard crackers, bacon, salted pork, salted beef, dried peas, bully beef, rice, jam, cocoa, bread, coffee, milk, and tea. They ate more and sometimes they had little tin canned food. The soldiers even ate anzac wafers some of them broke their teeth because it was very hard. To  soften it they used tea or coffee to avoid their teeth from being broken.

Soldiers communicate to one another by sign language and use of codes for long  distance communication. They used birds to send letters but some didn't really work for the enemy shot the birds and the message was never sent. Some soldiers opted not to send letters they didn’t want their families to know what was happening and fear for their safety.

This is still a day to remember the lost soul who protected our freedom and for their loved for the country and bravery.

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