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The Mummified Monk

The Mummified Monk

There was a man stuck inside a buddha statue for over 200 years and his name was Liuquan. Liuquan was a teacher at the chinese meditation school and he was a very holy chinese man. The buddha statue contains a mummified monk which was  put inside the statue.  While he was in the buddha statue he was slowly dying with no food.
The secret of the buddha statue was unveiled in 1997. When the owner of the statue was trying to repaint it gold again. The owner of the buddha statue detached the wooden platform and the owner saw two pillows. So she-he removed the pillows and saw the bottom of a human. Scientists had found in tests that the human body was put inside the buddha statue for over 200 years which was older than the rug.

They halt the investigation because there was no answer on how the organs of the chinese man was removed. They didn’t know how it got removed and how it got in. That is one of the secrets about the buddha. It was being displayed at the hungarian natural history Museum. Except they can not reveal anything.

The buddha was at the Drents Museum because it was for their special exhibit (Display). Which was called “Mummies-Life Beyond Death”. At that display which was in Netherlands the secrets were revealed. The display ended on August 2014. When the display ended the museum researchers wanted to find out more information about this Buddha after they had heard the secrets.

The CT scans showed a perfectly seated man sitting in a lotus position.   As the researchers looked along the chest  with a endoscope. They were very surprised to find that the organs were missing. Researchers were very stunned about the lungs which actually turned out to be scraps of paper.

The big surprise was that they found a man inside the buddha statue that is why they called it the “living buddha”.  
The “self mummification” is to transfer a person into a “living buddha”. Monks go through it because it was an ancient  ritual for a monk to go through the process. The mummy was placed in a statue so that the statue could be placed in a temple to be worshipped.  

My Questions for The Mummified Monk:

Q1. When did the researchers discover the ancient buddha?
Q2. What did the tests reveal?
Q3. What is the position the man is sitting in?
Q4. What was the chinese man sitting on?
Q5. Where was the Buddha statue transported?
Q6. Why did they remove the air tube?
Q7. How many years was the man stuck inside the buddha statue?
Q8. How old was the buddha statue?

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